FDNY learning Mandarin

2016-03-14 09:54:22

Lieutenant Charles Flores has been learning to cook Chinese since he was 15. At 60, the emergency medical worker has signed up for an even bigger challenge: learning to speak Chinese.

New disturbance at Trump rally as crucial Republican contests near

2016-03-13 16:48:41

Secret Service officers rushed on stage to protect Donald Trump at a rally on Saturday, a day after rowdy protests shut down his event in Chicago.

Trump's Chicago rally called off for safety reasons amid chaos

2016-03-12 17:22:42

US presidential candidate Donald Trump canceled a rally scheduled for Friday night in Chicago after the event turned into a chaotic scene.

Brand USA tours China to pitch travel

2016-03-11 13:36:04

After kicking off the 2016 China-US Tourism Year in Beijing last week, Brand USA, the US' official tourism marketing office, completed its first trade mission to China.

US govt rebuts Apple for refusal to help access to terrorist's iPhone

2016-03-11 09:35:14

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) fought back Thursday against Apple Inc.'s refusal to help hack into the phone of a terrorist killer.

'D-Strong' Dorian dies of cancer

2016-03-11 02:57:24

People in China and around the world have offered condolences online as the news spread that 8-year-old Dorian Murray had died after a long battle with cancer.

New US rule to extend stay for some foreign graduates

2016-03-10 15:51:41

Only 85,000 US work visas, known as H-1B, are available in the annual lottery for international workers.

At least five killed, several hurt in shooting near Pittsburgh

2016-03-10 14:40:21

Two gunmen ambushed a backyard party near Pittsburgh on Wednesday, killing at least five people and injuring several, media and police said.

Clinton, Sanders spar over immigration in US presidential debate

2016-03-10 13:59:51

Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred over who was more committed to immigration reform at a presidential debate on Wednesday night.

Trump rebounds in White House race; Sanders surprises Clinton

2016-03-10 10:02:23

Trump maintains lead over the three remaining challengers in the race to be the Republican presidential candidate, while Hillary Clinton loses to Bernie Sanders in the important Michigan primary.

Dorian Murray, who wanted to be famous in China, dies

2016-03-10 09:33:36

People around the globe express their sadness that 8-year-old Dorian Murray had succumbed to long battle against terminal cancer.

NYC expects record number of Chinese tourists

2016-03-10 09:17:49

New York City is set to receive another record-breaking number of Chinese visitors in 2016.