Bill would grant war powers to fight Islamic State militants

2015-01-28 15:52:56

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee is backing an effort to authorize President Barack Obama's war against Islamic State militants.

Spying program leaked by Snowden is tied to campaign in many countries

2015-01-28 11:15:54

A program used by US and British spies to record computer keystrokes was part of sophisticated hacking operations in more than a dozen countries, security experts said on Tuesday, after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden reportedly leaked the source code for the program.

W.House seeks $534 billion base defense budget

2015-01-28 10:14:31

The Obama administration will seek a base defense budget of $534 billion when it sends its 2016 spending request to Congress next week, a US official said on Tuesday, a figure that exceeds federal caps by $35 billion and could trigger mandatory cuts.

Snow job

2015-01-28 09:09:41

Forecasts for 2 to 3 feet of snowfall in the New York area overnight Monday were greatly exaggerated, but there still was enough of it for these youngsters to make a snowman in Chinatown.

Blizzard braves NE US

2015-01-28 08:11:09

Snow-removal crews plow Memorial Drive during a blizzard in Cambridge, Massachusetts January 27, 2015. A blizzard swept across the northeastern United States on Tuesday, dropping more than a foot (30 cm) of snow across Massachusetts and Connecticut.[

Study abroad programs weighed

2015-01-27 10:37:42

American student Brennan Murray completely reframed his view of China after his experience in Shanghai last year.

Income inequality a battle for China, US and the world

2015-01-27 10:33:23

Income inequality was a major topic at this year's annual World Economic Forum at the Swiss ski resort of Davos. That problem seems to be as acute in the world's two largest economies of the United States and China as in other parts of the world...

US Justice Department spies on millions of cars

2015-01-27 09:53:39

The Justice Department has been secretly gathering and storing hundreds of millions of records about motorists in an effort to build a national database that tracks the movement of vehicles across the country, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Obama's India trip triggers triangular concern

2015-01-27 09:35:41

As US President Barack Obama visited India over the last three days to attend its Republic Day festivities, the triangular relationship between China, US and India has aroused much speculation.

Chinese scientists create winning theory on Rock-Paper-Scissors

2015-01-27 09:35:24

The schoolyard game of Rock-Paper-Scissors doesn't seem like one in which players take a scientific approach.

WikiLeaks blasts Google for quietly handing emails to government

2015-01-27 09:35:01

WikiLeaks criticized Google Inc on Monday, alleging that the company waited 2-1/2 years to notify members of the anti-secrecy group that it had turned over their private emails and other information to the US government.

Chinese company to build NJ's tallest building

2015-01-27 09:24:27

The tallest building in New York City is a 96-story residential complex being completed in Midtown Manhattan. Now a Chinese real estate developer plans to put up a 95-story residential tower but not in the city. It will be across the Hudson River in New Jersey's waterfront.