China's easing of business rules lauded

2015-03-17 10:21:44

China watchers in Washington welcomed the news that the number of small-business registrations in China has risen by almost 50%.

Wyoming may feel China's declining coal consumption

2015-03-17 09:56:03

China's declining use of coal may be felt from Australia to the United States, especially the US state of Wyoming where coal is major part of the economy.

Uber going electric with BYD

2015-03-17 09:55:57

Chinese automobile maker BYD Co Ltd is expected to increase its electric passenger car's presence in the US market following a pilot program with Uber Inc.

Philly wants more Chinese tourists

2015-03-17 09:38:47

The City of Brotherly Love is joining other American cities in a push for Chinese tourists.Philadelphia's tourism bureau opened its first China office this month as Chinese become its fastest-growing foreign visitors.

Cuba-US resume talks to restore relations

2015-03-17 09:31:13

Cuban and US delegations began here Monday a third round of talks aiming to restore diplomatic relations and open up embassies.

US arms exports soar; China's arms imports dive

2015-03-17 09:29:34

The United States remains the world's top arms exporter, while China has passed Germany to move into third place, according to new data on international arms transfers released Monday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

20-year-old man charged in Ferguson police shootings

2015-03-16 09:00:10

A 20-year-old man has been arrested and charged with first-degree assault and gun violations in the shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said Sunday.

Kerry says it is possible to reach an interim deal with Iran

2015-03-15 09:50:42

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday he hoped "in the next days" it would be possible to reach an interim deal with Iran if Tehran can show that its nuclear power program is for peaceful purposes only.

Rocket blasts off with NASA magnetic field probes

2015-03-13 15:02:47

An Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from Florida on Thursday with a quartet of NASA science satellites designed to map bursts of energy and charged particles triggered by criss-crossing magnetic fields around Earth.

Obama disappointed by Secret Service incident

2015-03-13 11:07:49

Two senior US Secret Service agents are under investigation after driving a government vehicle through an area where their colleagues were investigating a suspicious package.

NASA confirms ocean on Jupiter moon

2015-03-13 10:15:44

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have confirmed that the Jupiter-orbiting moon Ganymede has an ocean beneath its icy surface, raising the prospects for life.

Police hunt for suspects after officers shot in Ferguson

2015-03-13 09:47:39

The shooting of two police officers during a protest rally in Ferguson, Missouri, ratcheted up tensions in a city at the center of a national debate over race and policing.