US-led coalition damages Islamic State, but fight is long

2014-12-04 11:17:31

The US-led coalition has inflicted serious damage on Islamic State, carrying out around 1,000 air strikes so far in Iraq and Syria, but the fight against the militants could last years, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday.

US, partners continues airstrikes against IS

2014-12-04 10:41:31

US, partner-nation military forces continued to attack Islamic State (IS) forces over the past three days using fighter and bomber aircraft to conduct 14 airstrikes, US Central Command said on Wednesday.

Winter Wonderland at White House

2014-12-04 10:11:24

This year's theme for the White House decorations is "Children's Winter Wonderland". About 65,000 people are expected to visit the White House during the holidays.

US agency says flu shots may not be good match for 2014-15

2014-12-04 10:06:22

A sampling of flu cases so far this season suggests the current flu vaccine may not be a good match for the most common seasonal flu strain currently circulating in the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday.

New US spaceship set for Thursday test flight

2014-12-04 10:05:39

A new US spaceship designed to fly astronauts to Mars and other deep space destinations is poised to blast off on an unmanned test flight on Thursday.

NY policeman not indicted in chokehold death

2014-12-04 10:05:15

A New York City grand jury decision not to charge a white police officer who killed an unarmed black man named Eric Garner with a chokehold sparked outrage and protests on Wednesday.

Obama unveils plan to help young American Indians

2014-12-03 21:47:54

President Barack Obama announced an initiative Wednesday aimed at improving conditions and opportunities for American Indian youth, more than a third of whom live in poverty.

Obama: Ebola still priority as public focus shifts

2014-12-03 14:57:37

US President Barack Obama heralded strides in the effort to confront Ebola in West Africa and in protecting the US against the spread of the deadly virus.

US, Chinese re-connect on cyber talk

2014-12-03 10:33:40

While the China-US working group on cyber security has been suspended following the US decision in May to indict five People's Liberation Army officers for cyber espionage, bilateral contact seemed to resume.

Ashton Carter to be Pentagon chief: sources

2014-12-03 09:37:08

Administration sources said on Tuesday that Obama has settled on former Pentagon official Ashton Carter, 60, as his fourth defense secretary, with an announcement expected in coming days once he is thoroughly vetted.

Santa Claus in a wagon of Sao Paulo subway in Brazil

2014-12-02 10:14:07

A woman poses for a selfie with an actor disguised as Santa Claus in a wagon of the Sao Paulo Metro Yellow Line, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Dec 1, 2014.

Obama seeking for $263 mln for federal response to Ferguson issue

2014-12-02 11:42:26

US President Barack Obama on Monday announced $263 million in funding for law enforcement agencies to purchase body-worn cameras and improve training of police across the country.