Democrats Clinton, Sanders split nominating contests in Oregon, Kentucky

2016-05-18 13:48:22

Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each picked up primary wins on Tuesday in yet another demonstration of how divided the party is in the drawn-out national race to win the nomination for November's general election.

Innovators, investors connect

2016-05-18 11:34:58

The leader of a Houston innovation group wants to build a high-level platform of communication and collaboration between the US and China.

US Democrat Clinton narrowly defeats Sanders in Kentucky primary

2016-05-18 11:19:39

Hillary Clinton narrowly defeated Bernie Sanders in Kentucky's Democratic presidential primary, the head of the state's election board said on Tuesday night.

Canada wildfire rages near oil sand facilities, extending shutdowns

2016-05-18 10:52:06

A massive wildfire raged near Fort McMurray, Alberta on Tuesday and threatened major oil sands production facilities, forcing the evacuation of thousands of workers and prolonging a shutdown that cut Canadian oil output by 1 million barrels a day.

US Senate passes bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

2016-05-18 09:47:25

The US Senate approves legislation that would allow victims of the Sept 11 terror attacks of 2001 to sue Saudi Arabia.

'Money politics' erodes US political systems

2016-05-17 19:54:49

Bloomberg predicts that $10 billion will be spent on the 2016 election, which has outnumbered the 2015 GDP of 30 percent of all the countries worldwide.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook's eight visits to China

2016-05-17 07:23:57

Apple's CEO Tim Cook's eight visits to China

New York cake show designs fool your eyes

2016-05-17 09:56:10

The Fourth Annual Lisa Mansour´s New York Cake Show was held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA.

Canadian PM to introduce transgender rights bill

2016-05-17 13:40:33

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday announced in Montreal that he will introduce legislation "to ensure the full protection of transgender people" Tuesday.

US urged to 'properly tackle Taiwan question'

2016-05-17 12:47:55

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday urged the United States to "properly tackle the Taiwan question" during a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Hillary Clinton says her husband not to serve in her cabinet

2016-05-17 10:15:40

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would not serve in her cabinet if she wins the election.

Chinese invest $110 billion in US real estate

2016-05-17 09:56:26

Chinese buyers spent more than $17 billion on US commercial real estate between 2010 and 2015, and during that same period most Chinese real estate investment — at least $93 billion— went into US homes, according to a study by the Asia Society and the Rosen Consulting Group.