Japanese gov't approves unilateral sanctions on DPRK

2016-02-19 19:23:18

The Japanese government on Friday approved its new sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) over its recent rocket launch and nuclear bomb test.

China calls for cautious approach on Korean Peninsula

2016-02-19 17:21:56

China called for a cautious approach in addressing the Korean Peninsula issue, after the US administration approved new sanctions against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Mekong Delta faces worst drought, saltwater intrusion in century

2016-02-19 15:27:12

Parts of Mekong Delta in Vietnam have been experiencing the most serious drought and saltwater encroachment in the past nearly 100 years, local media reported Friday.

Defense position spelled out

2016-02-19 07:03:03

Deploying national defense facilities on the Xisha Islands has nothing to do with negotiations over a code of conduct on the South China Sea.

India plans to launch 60 space missions in 5 years

2016-02-18 15:26:00

India is planning to launch at least 12 space missions every year for the next five years, a top official of the state-owned space agency has reportedly said.

Deliberate crash theories to be revisited if MH370 not found

2016-02-18 09:48:21

As the search for the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 nears its end, officials have admitted they might have to confront the idea the plane's disappearance was deliberately planned.

China, US work together to police sea

2016-02-18 07:56:37

China and the United States have established a growing mechanism for maritime cooperation that is essential to building a model relationship between the two countries.

China hopes US, ASEAN honor 'self-restraint' pledge

2016-02-18 03:06:26

Beijing hopes that commitments "will be honored by actions" after the United States and the leaders of Southeast Asian nations pledged "non-militarization" in a joint statement following a two-day gathering.

Defensive facilities 'legitimate'

2016-02-18 02:40:48

Beijing responded to reports that China has positioned anti-aircraft missiles on the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea.

Japan launches X-ray observatory to study deep space

2016-02-17 18:29:05

Japan on Wednesday launched a new generation X-ray astronomy satellite aiming to reveal the structure of the universe and physics at extreme conditions in space.

Island missile reports are hype, Defense Ministry says

2016-02-17 17:04:01

The Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that reports of China positioning anti-aircraft missiles on one of its islands in the South China Sea are hype.

Facilities on islands are legitimate, Foreign Minister says

2016-02-17 17:04:01

Foreign Minister Wang Yi says reports of China positioning anti-aircraft missiles on an island in the South China Sea are a Western media invention.