Premier Li to visit ROK, attend China-Japan-ROK trilateral summit meeting

2015-10-26 16:57:49

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will pay an official visit to the Republic of Korea and attend the sixth Trilateral Summit Meeting between China, Japan and the ROK.

Red Cross urges long-term support

2015-10-26 07:58:13

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies warned on Friday that longer-term support is needed to help shattered communities recover six months after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal. The Red Cross said in a statement that as winter approaches, one of the main humanitarian concerns is how families living at high altitudes will endure the coming months.

Lingering effects of MERS kill man, 66

2015-10-26 07:58:13

A South Korean man died of complications from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome on Sunday, the first death linked to the virus in the country in more than three months.

Warning shots fired as reunions continue

2015-10-26 07:58:13

The Republic of Korea fired warning shots on Saturday at a patrol boat from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Yonhap News Agency reported on Sunday, citing military officials.

China to supply gasoline to fuel-starved Nepal: official

2015-10-26 10:54:51

China will provide Nepal with 1.3 million liters (340,000 gallons) of gasoline to help it cope with severe fuel shortages,officials said Sunday.

'Disturbance' only harms China, Japan

2015-10-26 07:56:33

E. Asia should cooperate to overcome strife and regain momentum, senior official says

ROK fires warning shots at DPRK patrol boat amid ongoing family reunion

2015-10-25 15:01:42

The Republic of Korea (ROK) fired warning shots on Saturday at a patrol boat from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), as the reunion continues for families separated by the 1950-1953 Korean War, a sign of a thaw in inter-Korean relations.

China urges Japan to expedite destruction of abandoned chemical weapons

2015-10-25 09:52:27

China's Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs Fu Cong on Thursday urged Japan to expedite destruction of abandoned chemical weapons in China during World War II.

S. Koreans reunion with DPRK relatives after 6 decades

2015-10-25 09:39:46

Nearly 400 South Koreans crossed the borderline into the DPRK on Tuesday and reunited vwith family members separated for more than six decades since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Territorial, historical issues plague China-Japan public opinion

2015-10-22 19:04:56

Territorial issues are the main concern of both Chinese and Japanese citizens, according to the results of a survey unveiled on Thursday.

Goodwill resumes between China and Japan public

2015-10-22 19:01:47

Levels of hostility and pessimism toward the future are dropping among Chinese and Japanese citizens, while history and territorial issues continue to impose a negative impact on public opinion, according to an annual survey unveiled on Thursday.

Australia's new ambassador to China a key FTA negotiator

2015-10-22 11:18:40

The Australian government announced its new ambassador to China on Thursday, with senior government officer Jan Adams set to replace Frances Adamson in February next year.