Xi urges caution over US missile deployment in South Korea

2016-06-29 20:36:37

China hopes South Korea handles the deployment of the advanced US THAAD missile system in a prudent and proper manner, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday.

Arbitration cannot solve South China Sea dispute: Austrian expert

2016-06-29 17:26:55

An Austrian expert has said that arbitration cannot solve the South China Sea dispute between China and the Philippines.

Cambodian PM reiterates 'no support' for arbitral tribunal's decision over South China Sea

2016-06-29 14:23:10

Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen reiterated on Wednesday that the country would not support an arbitral tribunal's upcoming decision over the South China Sea issue.

South China Sea arbitration abuses international law, threatens world order

2016-06-29 15:21:21

A seminar on the South China Sea Arbitration and International Rule of Law was held on Sunday in the Hague, the location of the Permanent Court of Arbitration's arbitral tribunal.

Cambodian PM sees 'collusion'

2016-06-29 08:36:43

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has warned that his party sees the upcoming ruling in arbitration concerning the South China Sea as "the worst political collusion in the framework of international politics".

Philippines' unilateral initiation of arbitration 'not most adequate': CPF official

2016-06-29 11:27:00

Manila's unilateral referral to the Permanent Court of Arbitration of its disputes with Beijing over the South China Sea issue does not "seem necessarily the most adequate initiative at this moment," Lydia Samarbakhsh.

Turkey says dialogue best means to solve South China Sea dispute

2016-06-29 11:26:13

China and the Philippines should engage in "constructive" dialogue to solve their dispute in the South China Sea as conflicts are "destructive" to all sides, Turkish analysts said.

Perth mosque targeted in petrol bomb attack

2016-06-29 10:46:43

The Western Australian (WA) police were investigating a racist firebomb attack at a mosque in Perth while hundreds did evening prayers, Perth Now reported on Wednesday.

China urges Japan not to stir South China Sea issue

2016-06-29 10:26:24

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday urged Japan not to "hype up" the South China Sea issue.

Islamic State behind Istanbul airport attack: Turkish PM

2016-06-29 10:08:40

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on Wednesday blamed the Islamic State (IS) for the terrorist attacks on Istanbul's Ataturk Airport that killed 36 people and injured many others.

Japan continues attempt to cause arguments over South China Sea - spokesman

2016-06-28 20:51:12

On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said some people in Japan have been hyping up the South China Sea issue, building up tension, and making regional countries oppose each other.

US should urge Manila to return to negotiation with China on South China

2016-06-28 16:16:41

The United States should urge the Philippines to return to negotiation with China to settle the maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea, said Abraham Sofaer, former legal adviser to the US State Department.