Beijing hits out over US-Philippine patrols

2016-04-15 02:34:50

Beijing has voiced "resolute opposition against infringement of China's sovereignty and security by any country in any form".

Strong quake hits Kyushu area in SW Japan

2016-04-14 20:49:45

A strong quake of 6.4 magnitude hit Kyushu area in southwestern Japan at around 9:30 pm local time on Thursday.

US-Philippine military cooperation urged not to target third party

2016-04-14 17:44:33

Military cooperation between the United States and the Philippines should not "infringe the interests of the third-party", the Ministry of National Defense said.

Malaysia destroys seized ivory worth $20m

2016-04-14 17:30:25

Malaysian government destroyed illegal-traded ivory worth some $20 million on Thursday, in the first such public event to showcase its commitment in combating illegal wildlife trade.

S.Korea's ruling party loses majority in parliamentary election

2016-04-14 16:30:47

South Korea's ruling party failed to regain a majority in the parliamentary election, heralding hardships that President Park Geun-hye's economic reform drive may face during the latter half of her five-year single term.

Indian PM likely to visit US in June

2016-04-14 16:18:37

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could visit the US again in June this year for a bilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama, sources said Thursday.

ROK prepares for possible DPRK ballistic missile launch

2016-04-14 15:20:50

The Republic of Korea's defense ministry said Thursday that the military is preparing for possible launch of ballistic missile by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) around one of its most important national holidays.

Cambodia govt not tolerate anyone who attempts to cause social chaos: PM

2016-04-14 14:01:16

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday that the government will not forgive anyone who attempts to cause chaos to social security and urged the peoples to continue supporting him to maintain the country's hard-won peace.

Japan quake, 5 years later: Before and after

2016-04-14 09:47:54

Combination pictures of the tsunami-devastated Yamada town in Iwate prefecture taken March 17, 2011 and Feb 3, 2016 have been released by Kyoto.

Quake damages two pagodas in Myanmar, no reports of casualties

2016-04-14 07:28:30

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 struck northwestern Myanmar on Wednesday, the USGS said, sending strong tremors through Myanmar, eastern India, Bangladesh and parts of Nepal.

Massive Myanmar quake rattles Bangladeshi people's nerves

2016-04-14 01:01:25

People in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka and elsewhere got panicked by a powerful earthquake which jolted neighboring Myanmar and parts of the region Wednesday evening.