China Voice: South China Sea, a pseudo 'hot-spot issue'

2016-07-06 21:27:09

The South China Sea seems unsettling, with the final award by an international arbitral tribunal approaching and heavyweight politicians and diplomats exchanging heated words. High-level Chinese and US think tanks held a forum in Washington on Tuesday dedicated to the topic.

Cold war mentality lingers in South China Sea arbitration

2016-07-06 21:23:25

With the Philippines as the leading actor and the United States cheering in the bleachers, the political farce of an arbitral tribunal without jurisdiction over the South China Sea issue has sounded an alarm for the lingering cold-war mentality.

China, US need to manage differences over South China Sea: experts

2016-07-06 18:32:20

China and the United States need to manage their differences over the South China Sea issue, as they are bracing for an arbitral court's ruling, experts said Tuesday.

South China Sea: How we got to this stage

2016-07-06 17:33:56

The South China Sea issue has become one of the major irritants in the China-U.S. relations in recent years.

Why dual-track approach most effective to solve South China Sea disputes?

2016-07-06 17:11:26

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has said that it will issue an award on July 12 on the South China Sea case unilaterally initiated by the Philippines.

Dai Bingguo: China not to be intimidated, even if US sends 10 aircraft carriers to South China Sea

2016-07-06 15:31:35

The Chinese people would not be intimidated by the US actions, not even if the US sends all its ten aircraft carriers to the South China Sea, said Dai Bingguo, former state councilor of China, on Tuesday at the dialogue on South China Sea between Chinese and US think tanks in Washington, D.C.

China more ready for RIMPAC

2016-07-06 11:29:12

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy is far more prepared for the Rim of the Pacific naval exercise (RIMPAC 2016) this year than it was in 2014, the first time China participated.

Former senior Chinese official calls for cooling South China Sea issue

2016-07-06 15:28:59

Dai Bingguo, China's former state councilor in charge of foreign affairs, on Tuesday called on related parties to cool the unreasonably hot South China Sea issue, warning of its potential dangers.

S China Sea arbitration simply bad for Southeast Asia

2016-07-06 15:24:53

The South China Sea arbitration unilaterally initiated by former Philippine President Benigno S. Aquino III has not only soured China-Philippines ties, but also undermined international rule of law and regional stability.

President Xi's remarks on South China Sea issue

2016-07-06 14:34:48

The ruling in the arbitration case the Philippines unilaterally initiated against China is to be announced on July 12, 2016. China insists the tribunal appointed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has no jurisdiction over the issue because it concerns territory and security issues. Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to safeguard national interests at various occasions. Below are some highlights of Xi’s remarks on the South China Sea issue.

African leader backs Beijing's stance

2016-07-06 07:28:28

The Republic of the Congo has joined the list of more than 60 nations that have publicly voiced their support for China in an arbitration case on South China Sea issues.

Speech by Dai Bingguo at China-US Dialogue on South China Sea Between Chinese and US Think Tanks

2016-07-06 02:08:51

This is the full text of a speech delivered by former State councilor Dai Bingguo at China-US Dialogue on South China Sea between Chinese and US think tanks on Tuesday in Washington.