Japan demands explanation over alleged US spying

2015-08-03 15:43:32

Tokyo is seeking an explanation from Washington over alleged US spying on the Japanese government and companies, local media reported on Monday.

Nepali media hail China's assistance

2015-08-03 15:14:51

Mainstream media in Nepal have highly praised China's ongoing support and assistance to Nepal.

Bangladesh, India settle 68-year-old border issue

2015-08-03 07:37:29

Tens of thousands of stateless people who were stranded for decades along the poorly defined India-Bangladesh border will finally get to choose their citizenship, as the two countries swapped more than 150 pockets of land to settle the demarcation line dividing them.

More debris washes up on Reunion Island

2015-08-03 07:37:29

Investigators probing missing flight MH370 collected more metallic debris on an Indian Ocean island on Sunday as Malaysia urged authorities in the region to be on alert for wreckage washing up on their shores.

Nepal expresses gratitude to China for support

2015-08-03 09:13:22

Nepal appreciated the assistance of its northern neighbor China as a valued development partner and a reliable friend in the wake of the Diamond Jubilee commemoration of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Missing plane draws eyes to land of molten lava and killer sharks

2015-08-03 07:11:34

As experts on the Indian Ocean island Reunion studied plane debris for clues in the search for missing flight MH370, scientist Nicolas Villeneuve was making his own discovery: the island's volcano was about to erupt.

Southeast Asia an important base for 'Belt and Road': HK scholar

2015-08-02 20:40:53

Southeast Asia is an important base for the China-proposed Belt and Road initiative, and the upcoming establishment of the ASEAN Community will benefit both the bloc and its partners including China.

Malaysia seeks help in finding more possible MH370 debris

2015-08-02 20:12:39

Malaysian officials said that they would seek help from territories near the Reunion island to try to find more plane debris.

Malaysia says airplane debris found on Reunion Island part of Boeing 777

2015-08-02 17:17:25

Malaysia said on Sunday that airplane debris that washed up on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion has been identified as being from a Boeing 777, the same model as Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which vanished early last year.

Probable MH370 wreckage arrives in Toulouse: reports

2015-08-02 08:06:44

The probable MH 370 debris arrived in Toulouse Saturday to be analysed by experts, reported Saturday French local media.

Debris confirmed to be from Boeing 777: Malaysian official

2015-07-31 21:07:30

But Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said it did not mean the debris was from the missing flight MH370, local media reported.