Police ramp up security at Aust'n university after gangs target Chinese students

2016-04-18 10:04:08

A spate of attacks on Chinese students at Australia's most prestigious university has prompted police to ramp up its security presence at the Melbourne campus.

Tourists moved out of quake-stricken area

2016-04-18 02:28:06

A group of 20 Chinese tourists have been moved away from an earthquake-hit area of Japan, China's consulate-general in Fukuoka said on Sunday.

Damaged infrastructure hinders search, aid for Japan quake survivors

2016-04-17 17:09:50

The desperate search for survivors has intensified in the splintered remains of buildings destroyed by Japan's deadly earthquake.

UN mission says 600 civilians killed in Afghanistan in Q1

2016-04-17 15:17:47

Some 600 civilians were killed and hundreds others wounded in Afghanistan's conflicts and war in first quarter of the year, the UN mission in the country says.

Two strong quakes kill 41 in SW Japan, heavy rain predicted in quake-hit region

2016-04-17 00:15:29

The Japanese Meteorological Agency said that the massive quake on Saturday was the main event while the 6.5-magnitude quake earlier that killed at least 9 people was a foreshock.

China expresses sympathy to Japan over earthquakes

2016-04-16 17:36:23

China on Saturday expressed sympathy to Japan over the powerful earthquakes that has rattled Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan's southwestern Kyushu island.

Chinese nationals in Japan quake area 'safe'

2016-04-16 17:27:13

A major travel agency said on Saturday a group of 20 Chinese nationals visiting Japan's earthquake-hit area is safe. The agency confirmed that they are working with local rescuers to help them get out of the area safely.

Damage and death toll mounts as second big quake hits southern Japan

2016-04-16 11:22:18

A M7.3 earthquake struck southern Japan Saturday, killing at least 11 people and injuring hundreds more, just one day after a quake killed nine in the same region.

Magnitude-7.2 quake rattles Japan, no casualties reported yet

2016-04-16 00:48:20

Kumamoto Prefecture in southwestern Japan was hit again by a magnitude-7.2 earthquake on Saturday at 1:25 local time.

Magnitude 7.4 earthquake hits near Japan's Kumamoto

2016-04-16 00:48:20

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck near Kumamoto in southern Japan on Friday at a depth of 40 km (25 miles), the Geological Survey said.

China warns against worsened tension on Korean Peninsula

2016-04-16 00:28:54

China urged all parties to avoid any action that might worsen tensions on the Korean Peninsula following a reportedly failed launch of an intermediate-range ballistic missile by Pyongyang on Friday.