Rescuers struggle to reach stricken Indonesian ferry

2015-12-20 02:28:17

High winds prevented rescuers from reaching a ship with more than 100 passengers that was adrift in rough seas off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Saturday, officials said.

Thailand, China launch railway project

2015-12-19 18:14:48

Thailand and China launched a railway project here Saturday, marking the beginning of bilateral cooperation to develop Thailand's first standard-gauge double-track railway line.

Culture war brews over iconic figurine

2015-12-19 11:46:03

For years, South Africa's apartheid government ignored the significance of a "golden rhino" figurine that provides undeniable proof of a sophisticated society existing before white men arrived.

Army-led 'war on terror' isn't working, activists say

2015-12-19 11:46:03

Worshippers at the infamous Red Mosque in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, still gather in their hundreds for Friday prayers, but the fiery sermons calling for Sharia law led by hard-line cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz are now a thing of the past.

Hundreds to march in new anti-Park rally

2015-12-19 11:46:03

Hundreds of South Koreans plan to march on Saturday in Seoul against President Park Geun-hye, whose increasingly harsh treatment of union members and dissidents has led to criticism comparing her with her late father, Park Chung-hee.

Minister rebuked over ride-hailing crackdown

2015-12-19 11:46:03

Indonesia's president publicly rebuked one of his Cabinet ministers on Friday for a clampdown the day before on ride-hailing services such as Uber and Go-Jek, which triggered outrage on social media in a country where public transport options are limited.

Yearender: Regional cooperation in East Asia embraces fresh opportunities

2015-12-18 11:39:09

The East Asia cooperation has seen more and more rapid progress, which will inject impetus into the social development and economic growth of the countries in the region.

Myanmar opposition, armed groups vow to build mutual trust in peace process

2015-12-18 11:11:40

Myanmar's election-winning opposition party and eight ceasefire signatory ethnic armed groups have vowed to build mutual trust and understanding and work hand-in-hand in the country's peace process.

UN Security Council adopts resolution to cut off Islamic State funding

2015-12-18 09:55:09

The UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously adopted a resolution to cut off funds for the Islamic State the extremist group, in a firmer move by the international community to fight terrorism.

Year-ender: China and Southeast Asian neighbors promote pragmatic cooperation in 2015

2015-12-17 22:21:27

Relations between China and Southeast Asian countries have maintained stable development for the year.