China, Philippines should settle dispute between themselves: Serbian Scholar

2016-07-03 12:35:49

A Serbian scholar and politician has urged the Philippines to settle the South China Sea dispute directly with China, warning failure to solve disputes bilaterally would result in permanent and even armed conflict.

US behind rising tension in South China Sea: S African commentator

2016-07-03 11:38:15

US intervention in the South China Sea issue has aimed to serve its purpose to impede China's rise, a well-known South African commentator said on Friday.

9 Italians and 7 Japanese among 20 killed in Dhaka restaurant attack

2016-07-03 11:06:22

Nine Italians, seven Japanese, two Bangladeshis, a Bangladeshi-born US citizen and an Indian female were killed in the attack on a Spanish restaurant in Bangladesh capital Dhaka popular with foreigners.

Expectation of resumption of sound development of China-Philippines relations

2016-07-03 07:27:50

As the farce of arbitration on the South China Sea is to end soon, it is time for the new Philippine government of Rodrigo Duterte to bring China-Philippines ties back to the track of sound development.
Beijing hopes Manila will meet it 'halfway'

Gunmen kill 20 hostages, 13 others rescued in Dhaka restaurant siege

2016-07-02 16:50:15

Gunmen killed 20 people by slitting throats soon after they stormed a Spanish restaurant in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, a spokesman of the Bangladesh Army said on Saturday.

Bangladesh police storm restaurant to rescue hostages, gunfight on

2016-07-02 10:39:30

Bangladeshi police stormed a Dhaka restaurant on Saturday to free 20 hostages, including several foreigners, that were trapped inside after gunmen launched an attack on it late on Friday night, an official said.

Beijing hopes Manila will meet it 'halfway'

2016-07-02 02:33:28

After new Philippine Cabinet members struck a conciliatory tone on the upcoming ruling in the arbitration case against China, Beijing said disputes with the Philippines could only be properly managed and resolved "through negotiation and consultation", not arbitration.

Beijing issues warnings ahead of tribunal decision

2016-07-01 18:45:15

China voiced stern warnings on Thursday against an arbitral tribunal that is scheduled to issue a ruling this month on a case raised unilaterally by the Philippines about the South China Sea issue.

Philippine president wants 'conversation' with China: spokesman

2016-07-01 17:23:11

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wanted a "conversation" with China on the South China Sea in a bid to work out a "win-win relationship" with the country.

Poll before Australian election shows result 'on a knife's edge'

2016-07-01 15:45:03

The last opinion poll before Australians head to the voting booths revealing the coalition and the Labor opposition both have 50 percent support.

Top DPRK leader congratulates President Xi on CPC anniversary

2016-07-01 15:06:03

Top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea sent a congratulatory message to Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 95th anniversary of CPC's founding.

Rising wave of tech innovators

2016-07-01 14:28:21

During a startup pitch event in Hong Kong, Artie Lopez was amused as he listened to someone on stage explain how their app could help people cut their waiting time at Starbucks.