Chinese armed forces arrive in Malaysia for joint military exercise

2015-09-18 09:12:06

Chinese navy fleets arrived here on Thursday for a military exercise jointly held by China and Malaysia.

DPRK slams US for trying to jeopardize improvement of inter-Korean relations

2015-09-18 00:01:43

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) says the US "is working hard to disturb the atmosphere of improving inter-Korean relations," calling on Seoul to help repair North-South ties.

China, ASEAN push for more maritime cooperation

2015-09-17 20:08:24

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) expect the Belt and Road initiative to breathe fresh life into maritime cooperation.

Japan's upper house committee passes controversial security bills

2015-09-17 15:55:50

A committee in Japan's upper house on Thursday approved legislation for a security policy shift that would allow troops to fight abroad for the first time since World War II, a ruling party lawmaker said.

Leaders of Nepal hail new constitution as victory

2015-09-17 14:05:37

Leaders of major political parties of Nepal regarded the newly endorsed constitution as a long-awaited dream of Nepalese people fulfilled after 70 years.

S Korea, US to hold high-level defense talks next week

2015-09-17 14:05:23

High-level military officials between South Korea and the United States will hold their defense talks next week in Seoul.

Japan opposition tries to halt vote on security bills

2015-09-17 10:35:36

Japanese opposition lawmakers were battling on Thursday to prevent a vote on security bills that could allow troops to fight abroad for the first time since World War II, part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's agenda to ease the limits of the pacifist constitution.

Japan protesters rally as security bills near passage

2015-09-16 16:08:02

Crowds of protesters rallied on Wednesday as Japan's parliament moved close to passing bills for a defence policy change.

PNG marks 40th anniversary of independence

2015-09-16 14:27:15

In a dawn ceremony at parliament house, Papua New Guinea (PNG) raised its national flag to mark 40th anniversary of independence from Australia's colonial rule on Wednesday.

China treads peaceful path after DPRK nuclear move

2015-09-16 06:48:04

China has called for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and the avoidance of any actions that could escalate tension in the region.

China urges DPRK to do more for peninsula's peace

2015-09-15 21:53:18

China on Tuesday urged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to safeguard stability in the Korean Peninsula following reports that the country had restarted its nuclear program.

ROK to rapidly respond to possible DPRK rocket launch

2015-09-15 16:38:54

The Republic of Korea said Tuesday that it will make rapid and effective responses to possible launch of a long-range rocket by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea via the UN Security Council.