Malaysia says matches prove wing part is from MH370

2015-08-06 21:23:20

Malaysia said on Thursday paint colour and maintenance-record matches proved that a piece of wing found on the shore of an Indian Ocean island was part of the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which vanished without trace last year.

Hiroshima commemorates 70th anniversary of atomic bombing

2015-08-06 21:17:00

Bells tolled and thousands bowed their heads in prayer in Hiroshima on Thursday at ceremonies that marked the 70th anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing.

DPRK, Japan foreign ministers hold rare talks in Malaysia

2015-08-06 19:41:15

Foreign Ministers of Japan and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held bilateral talks here Thursday on the sidelines of a series of regional meetings, a DPRK spokesman confirmed.

Beijing reacts to reports of Japan supplying planes to Philippines

2015-08-06 17:46:38

The foreign and defense ministries reacted on Thursday to reports of Japan supplying patrol planes to the Philippines that would be used to monitor activities in the South China Sea.

Malaysia collects more plane parts of missing MH370

2015-08-06 17:19:14

Malaysia's transport minister says a Malaysian team at the French territory of Reunion Island has collected other plane debris including a window and some aluminum foil.

Japanese gov't owes its people solid promise not to rearm

2015-08-06 16:39:30

Wednesday marked the 70th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the Japanese city Hiroshima. While Japan commemorated the victims, the government should promise its nationals not to arm itself again to avoid recurrence of such tragedies.

Chinese FM calls for continued MH370 search

2015-08-06 16:21:05

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here Thursday that search efforts on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 should be continued to find the truth behind the one of the biggest mysteries in the aviation history.

Japan to lend Philippines $2b for rail project

2015-08-06 15:28:02

Japan has vowed to provide loan to the Philippines worth 240-billion yen (about $2 billion) for a commuter rail project, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Thursday.

Missing MH370: Debris, agonizing wait and breakthrough

2015-08-06 09:31:44

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak confirmed early Thursday that a Boeing 777 wing segment discovered in the Indian Ocean island of Reunion is from the missing Flight MH370, the first real breakthrough in the search for the plane that disappeared 17 months ago.

China willing to work with US to contribute to world peace, stability

2015-08-06 10:59:23

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Wednesday that China is willing to work with the US side to make full preparations to ensure the success of Chinese President Xi Jinping's historic state visit to the United States in September.

Australia to continue search for MH370

2015-08-06 10:28:18

Australia has noted the conclusion that aircraft wreckage found last week was from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the country would continue its search effort in a defined search area.

Seven arrested for trafficking women into sex slavery in China

2015-08-06 10:24:31

Chinese and Thai authorities worked together in crackdown on a trafficking ring, with two Chinese nationals among those arrested.