Vietnamese President to attend UN Summit in New York

2015-09-21 13:43:32

Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang will attend the United Nations (UN) Summit during Sept 24-28 for the adoption of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and related events in New York, the United States, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

China-Malaysia joint military exercise maritime subjects in full swing

2015-09-21 13:28:40

The maritime subjects of the China-Malaysia joint military exercise was carried out Sunday in full swing in the designated waters in the Strait of Malacca.

New Australian PM defends bold Cabinet reshuffle

2015-09-21 10:14:28

Australian new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended selections in his refreshed cabinet on Monday after relieving several high-profile ministers of their positions in parliament.

Chinese businessman strives to build brands in Cambodia

2015-09-20 20:20:03

The China-Cambodia Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone is a combination of industrial production, living facilities, supporting transportation and service industry.

Security bills a diplomatic suicide for Japan

2015-09-19 19:37:25

Academics in Cambodia have agreed that an enactment of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe- proposed contentious security bills is tantamount to a diplomatic suicide for Japan.

Foreign Minister calls for restart of Six-Party Talks

2015-09-19 15:46:08

Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged all parties to reactivate the statement and make concerted efforts to restart the talks in Beijing on Saturday.

Abe's win is Japan's loss

2015-09-19 11:09:02

The passing of controversial security bills marks historical watershed of Japan heading against its war-renouncing Constitution and 70-year-old tradition of not sending Japanese Self-Defense forces to other countries.

Japan enacts new security laws to overturn postwar pacifism

2015-09-19 06:43:46

Japan abandoned its 70-year pacifism since the end of World War II as the parliament's upper house enacted a controversial legislation pushed forward by the government under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

DPRK reaffirms determination to develop space program

2015-09-18 22:43:32

The DPRK reaffirmed its determination on the development of space programs, emphasizing satellites launch is 'a legitimate independent right of a sovereign state.'

China, ASEAN to deepen trade cooperation

2015-09-18 20:10:28

Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli said Friday that China and ASEAN members should make joint efforts to finish the negotiations on upgrading the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) by the end of this year.

7 killed in US drone strike in NW Pakistan

2015-09-18 16:12:20

At least seven people were killed when US pilotless aircraft launched missile strikes in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of South Waziristan on Friday, local Urdu media reported.

Japan's opposition parties making last-ditch efforts against war bills

2015-09-18 14:24:32

Japan's five largest opposition parties on Friday filed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet at the national Diet's lower house in their last-ditch efforts to delay a vote on a series of security bills possibly later the day in a plenary session of the upper house.