No casualties from major quake on western coast of Indonesia

2016-03-03 16:06:28

Indonesian officials on Thursday said that no damages and casualties were reported from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that jolted the Mentawai Islands on the western coast of Indonesia Wednesday night.

Malaysia to send team to inspect debris found in Mozambique: official

2016-03-03 16:04:34

Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said here Thursday that a team will be sent to Mozambique to inspect the newly found debris there, which was very likely from the missing MH370 aircraft.

Australian gender pay gap revealed

2016-03-03 14:58:48

Average top-tier female managers expect to earn 100,000 Australian dollars ($73,000) less than their male counterparts.

China's panda pair arrive in S.Korea for 1st time in 22 years

2016-03-03 14:45:07

A pair of Chinese giant pandas arrived in South Korea Thursday on a 15-year lease, marking the first time in 22 years that the endangered bear species enters the South Korean territory for joint research purpose.

Australian transport chief says debris find consistent with MH370 modelling

2016-03-03 10:42:39

Australia's transportation chief said the location of debris on a beach of Mozambique was consistent with drift modelling related to the missing MH370.

DPRK fires short-range missiles into eastern waters: Yonhap

2016-03-03 09:58:28

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) fired several short-range missiles into its eastern waters at about 10 am local time (0100GMT) Thursday, Yonhap news agency reported.

Japan's nuclear refugees face bleak return 5 years after Fukushima

2016-03-03 09:51:24

Tokuo Hayakawa carries a dosimeter around with him at his 600-year-old temple in Naraha, the first town in the Fukushima "exclusion zone" to fully reopen since Japan's March 2011 catastrophe. Badges declaring "No to nuclear power" adorn his black Buddhist robe.

Aftershocks rock Indonesia after massive quake, calls for calm

2016-03-03 09:21:41

Strong aftershocks continued to rock Indonesia on Thursday after a massive undersea quake sparked fears of a region-wide disaster similar to the 2004 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami which killed more than 200,000 people.

UN sanctions not intended to affect DPRK people's livelihood

2016-03-03 08:50:10

The fresh UN sanctions adopted Wednesday on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), though widely believed to be tougher than ever, are not intended to affect DPRK people's livelihood as the document contains language allowing for humanitarian exemptions.

China offers medical aid to Nepal

2016-03-03 06:02:27

China has provided a medical assistance worth Nepali Rupees 240 million ($2.20 million) on Wednesday for the improvement of Nepal's health sector.

Indonesia lifts tsunami warning

2016-03-03 04:30:24

Indonesia terminated the tsunami warning after a 7.8-magnitude quake struck off western coast of Sumatra Island on Wednesday evening.

Foreign boat cleared from Chinese reef

2016-03-03 02:35:27

A foreign fishing boat stranded on a Chinese reef in the South China Sea for several months has been towed away.