China voices opposition to THAAD deployment in ROK

2016-03-01 03:06:39

China has reiterated its opposition to deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), an advanced US missile defense system, in the Republic of Korea (ROK) as a special envoy visited the ROK.

China urges US to stand down on S China Sea issue

2016-03-01 03:06:39

China on Monday urged the United States not to position itself as the "international judge" on the South China Sea issue.

Beijing and Hanoi vow peace at sea

2016-03-01 03:00:30

China and Vietnam vowed on Monday to maintain peace at sea and to handle disputes well.

Ex-TEPCO execs indicted over Fukushima disaster

2016-02-29 15:57:47

Three former Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) executives were indicted for failing to take safety measures to prevent the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011.

New Zealand to fund joint research centers with China

2016-02-29 14:00:22

The New Zealand government on Monday called for proposals and announced funding for three New Zealand-China Research Collaboration Centers to boost bilateral science cooperation.

China slams US admiral's South China Sea remarks

2016-02-27 05:13:12

China on Friday slammed the remarks of a top US admiral on the South China Sea and urged US officials to stop playing up the situation.

Population of Japan drops for the first time

2016-02-27 04:45:36

Japan's latest census confirmed the hard reality signaled long ago by shuttered shops and abandoned villages across the country: The population is shrinking.

Beijing: Sanction not to impact DPRK livelihood

2016-02-26 22:45:19

The Foreign Ministry has said that the expected UNSC resolution "should not affect the regular livelihood of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's people".

ROK to impose maritime sanctions on ships visiting DPRK

2016-02-26 16:14:59

The ROK plans to impose its unilateral maritime sanctions against the DPRK by banning third-country ships visiting the DPRK from entering ROK ports.

Indonesia downplays Aussie warning about possible terror attacks

2016-02-26 15:19:47

Indonesian officials have downplayed a warning issued by Australia about possible terror attacks being planned in the country.

China willing to discuss parallel-track approach

2016-02-26 10:09:51

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday that China would like to have discussions about the specific steps in the parallel-track approach.

Australia should treat China's strategic intentions correctly

2016-02-26 09:48:29

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Thursday urged Australia to treat China's strategic intentions correctly to promote mutual trust.