'Provocative moves must be halted'

2016-03-11 00:53:15

China has urged all parties to stop "provocative actions" and maintain calm and restraint to prevent tension from escalating on the Korean Peninsula.

Provocation must cease on Korean Peninsula, ministry says

2016-03-10 19:22:12

All sides must cease provocations to maintain peace and stability in the peninsula, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei told a daily press briefing on Thursday.

AlphaGo beats in 2nd match with Lee Sedol

2016-03-10 16:24:13

Google's computer program AlphaGo on Thursday beat South Korean Lee Sedol, raising its lead to 2-0 in the second of a historic five-game match.

China concerned about US basing bombers in Australia

2016-03-10 13:41:19

China has expressed concern about a report that the US is in talks to base long-range bombers in Australia.

DPRK fires short-range ballistic missiles into eastern waters

2016-03-10 08:56:47

The DPRK fired two short-range ballistic missiles into its eastern waters in an apparent show of force against joint annual war games between Seoul and Washington.

Tokyo urged not to stir tension in the South China Sea

2016-03-10 08:39:02

Tokyo must not "flare up tension in the South China Sea" or try to contain China by aligning with other parties involved in disputes there.

Ambassador: China not an excuse for security bills

2016-03-10 08:26:19

Tokyo should not take China as an excuse for pushing approval of its new security bills, and China is concerned the bills will potentially impact its security interests after they take effect later this month.

Enovy: Japan should adjust thinking toward China

2016-03-10 08:25:04

Japan still has a problem in viewing China's development, and it should "tweak its thinking", Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua said in an interview.

Japan 'must not flare up tension'

2016-03-10 02:12:25

Tokyo must not "flare up tension in the South China Sea" or try to contain China by aligning with other countries involved in disputes there.

4 police officers shot in New Zealand

2016-03-09 16:43:50

The military has been called in to help capture an armed person who shot and wounded four police officers in an incident in the Bay of Plenty, on the east of New Zealand's North Island.

Southeast Asia experiences rare total solar eclipse

2016-03-09 14:56:43

Southeast Asia experiences rare total solar eclipse

Google's AI takes on Go champion Lee Sedol in Seoul

2016-03-09 14:23:57

The first game of the five-game match started at about 1 pm local time (0400 GMT) at Four Seasons hotel in central Seoul.