Oscar: 71 foreign-language submissions

2012-10-09 10:39:19

Academy Awards organizers have received submissions from a record 71 countries and regions for this season's foreign-language prize.

Dress in movie classic 'The Wizard of Oz' to be auctioned

2012-10-09 09:43:50

The blue-and-white dress by Judy Garland in movie classic "The Wizard of Oz" is seen in this undated handout photo received by Reuters October 8, 2012.

Fans get look at vintage Rolling Stones

2012-10-08 10:40:56

"The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling - Ireland 1965", premiered at the New York Film Festival held this week.

'Taken 2' grabs movie box office crown

2012-10-08 10:36:19

Liam Neeson thriller "Taken 2" captured the No 1 spot on movie box office charts over the weekend with a brawny $50 million.

Kylie Minogue promotes movie 'Holy Motors' at Rio Film Festival

2012-10-03 18:10:52

Cast member Kylie Minogue attends a photocall to promote the movie "Holy Motors" during the Rio Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro October 2, 2012.

Adele 'hesitant' about singing Bond theme

2012-10-03 17:59:19

Adele has admitted she was intimidated by the idea of singing the 'Skyfall' theme song, but decided it was a "no-brainer" in the end.

Ang Lee's 3D 'Life of Pi' opens NY film festival

2012-10-01 14:54:27

Once considered impossible to make, the big-screen 3D adaptation of the bestselling novel "Life of Pi" opened the 50th New York Film Festival on Friday, marking another advance in digital filmmaking.

Monsters party tops box office with "Hotel Transylvania"

2012-10-01 14:49:35

Family film "Hotel Transylvania" brought new life to movie box offices with a chart-topping $43 million in U.S. and Canadian ticket sales during the weekend, a record for a September opening.

Ang Lee breaks 'every rule' to make unlikely new Life of Pi film

2012-09-30 08:06:39

Director Ang Lee says he broke every rule in Life of Pi, which premiered on Friday, bringing the best-selling novel into stunning 3-D life with a production featuring an unknown Indian actor, four tigers and the world's biggest wave machine.

Aston Martin for sale at 007 auction

2012-09-29 09:06:43

Posters, set models and Daniel Craig's swim trunks are among items up for grabs in an auction of memorabilia from the James Bond movies.

'Dangerous Liaisons' makes debut in Beijing

2012-09-28 13:59:09

Cast members attend the premiere of film "Dangerous Liaisons" in Beijing, China, September 26, 2012.

Monica Bellucci promotes 'Rhino Season'

2012-09-28 09:11:57

Italian actress Monica Bellucci takes part in a photocall to promote "Rhino Season" at the Kursaal Centre on the seventh day of the 60th San Sebastian Film Festival September 27, 2012.