'Dark Shadows' premieres

2012-05-09 09:27:25

Johnny Depp poses at the premiere of 'Dark Shadows' in Hollywood.

Brigitte Lin says no to Jay Chou's new movie

2012-05-08 16:44:09

Legendary actress Brigitte Lin has turned down an invitation from singer-turned-actor and director Jay Chou to appear in his next film, Chinesefilms.cn reports.

Release date and first trailer out for 'Wu Dang'

2012-05-08 16:30:42

The upcoming kung-fu film "Wu Dang," featuring Man Cheuk Chui, Yang Mi, Siu-Wong Fan and Xu Jiao, announced its release date and first promotional trailer recently, Mtime.com reports.

Directors come Full Circle

2012-05-08 11:18:53

Director Zhang Yang and his father Zhang Huaxun have worked together on his new film Full Circle.

Ahn sets up Beijing studio

2012-05-08 11:17:53

South Korean director Ahn Byeong-ki has announced he will set up a studio in Beijing to produce films in the fast growing market.

Get ready to blossom

2012-05-08 11:13:52

The 21st Hundred Flowers Film Festival will begin in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, in September.

First Time opens in June

2012-05-08 11:13:10

Taiwan pop icon Jay Chou has written the theme song for First Time, a romantic comedy starring Hong Kong actress Angelababy.

Comedian plays dark role

2012-05-08 10:53:22

Comedian Huang Bo, who made his name in such dark comedies as Crazy Stone and Crazy Racer, plays a challenging role as the lead in the thriller Design of Death.

'Avengers' smashes record: $200.3 million debut

2012-05-07 17:42:50

That's what Captain America tells the Incredible Hulk to do in "The Avengers," and that's what the Marvel Comics superhero mash-up did at the box office, smashing the domestic revenue record with a $200.3 million debut.

News conference of 'Men in Black III' in Seoul

2012-05-07 17:20:11

Cast members Will Smith and Josh Brolin pose together with director Barry Sonnenfeld after a news conference to promote their film "Men in Black III" in Seoul May 7, 2012.

'The Avengers' smashes opening weekend box office record

2012-05-07 14:50:10

"The Avengers" has scored the biggest opening weekend North America box office history with an astonishing 200.3 million U.S. dollars in estimated ticket sales, marking a start of Hollywood's summer season.

Fox changes name of 'Neighborhood Watch' film

2012-05-06 17:15:00

"Neighborhood Watch" will now be known as just "The Watch."