October no longer so golden

2016-10-13 07:00:22

For years a Golden Week was a time to celebrate a box-office bonanza, but the National Day holiday is seeing its gilt edge fade.

Disney's next Mulan will face challenges in casting

2016-10-12 06:52:56

Disney announced plans to release the new version of Mulan in fall 2018 as a live-action film, as it looks to balance competing expectations of Chinese and US audiences.

China to curb star-oriented pricing of TV dramas

2016-09-26 14:43:47

China's television regulator is moving to curb overvaluing and over-emphasis on TV stars during the purchase and broadcast of TV dramas, according to a circular made public on last week.

'China's Challenges' wins historic Emmy Award

2016-08-01 10:03:10

China-US co-production "China's Challenges" has garnered an Emmy Award in Los Angeles, making history for such bilateral collaboration, said the show's producer.

Yearender: Film critics' top 10 Chinese films of 2015

2015-12-28 09:38:09

Domestic productions have provided audiences with many pleasant surprises on the silver screen this year. As the year is coming to an end, China Daily Website has invited nine critics, academics and film workers to vote for their top ten films of the year.

Veteran martial artist Yu Chenghui dies at 76

2015-07-06 10:22:21

Veteran martial arts actor Yu Chenghui died in Beijing on July 5. He was 76.

Fans call on Disney to 'not whitewash' Mulan

2015-04-14 10:50:04

More than 38,000 fans have petitioned on social media website Care2 to call on Disney "not to whitewash" the casting of upcoming film Mulan.

'Runway Brides'

2015-04-06 11:19:33

The reality show "I,Supermodel" released new episode themed on wedding dress on April 4, 2015.

China's Huayi Brothers, US film studio close deal

2015-04-06 11:39:30

In the latest deal by a Chinese company to invest in a Hollywood studio, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation will become the first Chinese company to be involved with the entire production and distribution of movies produced by a US film and television studio.

Puberty blues for young Einsteins

2015-03-29 09:14:17

In 1985, Xi'an Jiaotong University launched a program to recruit gifted teenagers to study in the university before they had even finished high school.

New film on China‘s billionaires

2015-03-29 08:43:38

The film Tuhao 520, or Love without Distance, is attempting to scrutinize the definition of "tuhao", a popular Chinese expression to describe people who are rich but possibly lack some finesse.

Discovery Networks launches hour China

2015-03-19 14:22:09

US-based documentary channel Discovery has signed on for a 3-year deal with the China International Communication Center to produce Chinese-themed content.