'Transformers' box office hits $645m

2011-07-11 13:01:30

Big-budget action film "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" won the battle of the box office for the second-straight weekend.

Katie Holmes and Sandler attend 'Jack and Jill' premiere

2011-07-11 10:56:26

U.S. actress Katie Holmes poses during the film premiere of "Jack and Jill" in Cancun.

Cameron Diaz attends launch of film 'Bad Teacher' in Cancun

2011-07-11 10:54:28

U.S. Actress Cameron Diaz poses during the launch of her film "Bad Teacher" in Cancun.

'Horrible Bosses' eyes joblessness, aims for laughs

2011-07-08 12:33:31

In Hollywood's new film comedy "Horrible Bosses," an ex-Lehman Brothers executive who is jobless and desperate for money offers sexual favors to some old buddies in return for cash.

Fans gather for Harry Potter premiere in London

2011-07-08 12:32:44

Thousands of fans from around the world massed in London Thursday for the premiere of the final film in the magical adventure series.

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2' premieres

2011-07-08 11:23:42

Actress Emma Watson poses with fellow cast members Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint as they arrive for the world premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2".

World premiere of the film 'Zookeeper'

2011-07-07 14:52:52

Actors and cast members arrive at the world premiere of the film "Zookeeper" in Los Angeles.

Aniston goes raunchy for 'Horrible Bosses'

2011-07-07 13:05:08

In her new film, "Horrible Bosses," Jennifer Aniston's character is one you haven't seen her play before.

Emma Watson London photo shoot

2011-07-07 13:03:08

British actress Emma Watson who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter series of films, poses for photographers outside the St Pancras Hotel in London.

Young stars struggle with life after 'Harry Potter'

2011-07-07 10:50:54

The young actors who have worked on the "Harry Potter" movies for half their lives said that they were struggling to come to grips with the series ending.

Fans, stars and Hollywood mourn end of Harry Potter magic

2011-07-07 10:22:27

Thousands of fans prepared on Thursday to say goodbye to their beloved boy wizard at the world premiere of the final movie in the record-breaking series.

Show Luo promotes Xiamen clothing label

2011-07-06 12:18:35

Taiwan entertainer Show Luo collaborated with casual wear label Dancing Wolves, to film a video clip for the label.