Celebration for upcoming premiere of 'Liz & Dick'

2012-11-22 10:00:39

Cast members arrive for a private dinner celebrating the upcoming premiere of "Liz & Dick" in Beverly Hills, Nov 20.

The 43rd International Film Festival of India kicks off

2012-11-21 10:57:23

The 43rd International Film Festival of India on Tuesday kicks off in popular tourist resort of Panaji, capital city of coastal Goa State.

Lindsay Lohan, Liz Taylor and pages of 'what ifs' for TV's 'Liz & Dick'

2012-11-21 10:20:28

Making a movie about Elizabeth Taylor takes courage. Casting wayward starlet Lindsay as the Hollywood screen legend was both daring and asking for trouble.Lindsay Lohan pushed for Elizabeth Taylor TV role

'Hitchcock' trains lens on the love story of Alfred and Alma

2012-11-21 09:44:09

She won Oscar gold for her uncanny performance as Britain's Queen Elizabeth, but Helen Mirren's latest portrayal finds her as the power behind the throne -- or, more precisely, the director's chair.

'Twilight' sendoff starts with huge $341m

2012-11-19 09:24:25

The "Twilight" vampire saga's final chapter debuted with a massive $341 million in global movie ticket sales. Photos Pattinson looks for danger after 'Twilight'

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Berlin

2012-11-18 16:15:29

Robert Pattinson (R) and Kristen Stewart pose for pictures before the German premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Berlin, November 16, 2012.

At Washington's James Bond exhibit, villains are forever

2012-11-18 15:43:27

Fans of fictional super spy James Bond rely on the durable film franchise for must-have elements, such as jaw-dropping stunts, great clothes, sultry women - and villains who are drop-dead evil.

Final 'Twilight' dawns with $30 million from late-night shows

2012-11-18 15:33:25

Bella and Edward's big-screen farewell lit up box offices with $30.4 million in late-night ticket sales for the finale of the blockbuster "Twilight" vampire series. 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' premieres in London

'Life of Pi' movie lifeboat for sale at $40,000

2012-11-18 15:26:59

"Life of Pi" is yet to hit movie theaters, but fans can already buy the film's trusty lifeboat that becomes home to a young Indian boy shipwrecked with a tiger.Director serves 3-D slice of Life

'Anna Karenina' premieres in Hollywood

2012-11-16 11:12:14

Cast member Keira Knightley arrives at the premiere of her movie "Anna Karenina" at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood, California.

Alfred Hitchcock's earliest surviving film work released online

2012-11-16 10:12:52

The earliest known surviving feature in which Alfred Hitchcock is credited was released online on Thursday after sitting under the noses of archivists for decades.

Hollywood thirsts for young adult films as 'Twilight' ends

2012-11-16 10:03:49

As vampires Bella and Edward take their last bites on the big screen, Hollywood studios are on the hunt for the next "Twilight".