Brad Pitt promotes 'Moneyball' in Seoul

2011-11-16 09:42:53

Brad Pitt promotes his film "Moneyball" in Seoul on Nov 15, 2011.

'Twilight' premieres in Los Angeles

2011-11-16 09:21:04

Cast members arrive at the premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' in Los Angeles on Nov 14, 2011.

Meryl Streep is 'The Iron Lady'

2011-11-15 09:30:37

Meryl Streep will play the leading role in 'The Iron Lady', a film based on the life of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

'Breaking Dawn' sees stars looking to new horizons

2011-11-16 09:43:47

As "Twilight" fans gear up for the emotional rollercoaster of weddings, babies and battles that is "Breaking Dawn - Part 1", the movie's three stars are beginning to look to new horizons.

January trial sought for Golden Globes dispute

2011-11-16 09:44:22

The organizers of the Golden Globe Awards are asking a federal judge to begin a trial to decide who owns the show's broadcast rights in early January when final preparations for the glitzy gala will be under way.

The 'Twilight' wedding gown reveal comes Friday

2011-11-16 09:43:38

Many brides keep their wedding dresses a secret until the moment they walk down the aisle, but all of cyberspace isn't usually speculating about it. The exception is Bella Swan.

Review: 'Breaking Dawn' romantic but melancholy

2011-11-15 09:51:27

The first part of the fourth and final installment of the "Twilight" tale, "Breaking Dawn," out in theaters on Friday, finally sees the two star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward, get married.

Jackie Chan film features girl power

2011-11-15 13:34:10

A stellar cast of actresses will lead Legendary Amazons, a film about the women of the patriotic Yang clan in the Song Dynasty.

Third dimension added to Peking Opera

2011-11-15 13:33:52

The 3D short film Opera, which focuses on Peking Opera, premiered at the recent China International Student Animation Festival.

Review: 'Happy Feet Two' taps penguin magic again

2011-11-15 09:51:46

The penguins are as adorable as ever in "Happy Feet Two". With Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman out of the picture, the film is a next-generation story that follows the misfits-finding-their-place pattern of part one.

Action movie 'Immortals' wins weekend box office

2011-11-14 09:43:10

Action movie "Immortals" slayed its competitors at the weekend box office, taking the top spot domestically and pulling in an estimated $68 million around the world.

'Happy Feet Two' premieres in Hollywood

2011-11-14 09:31:47

Cast members attend the premiere of "Happy Feet Two" in Hollywood, California on Nov 13, 2011.