'Madagascar 3' cruises to box office win

2012-06-11 08:43:24

The third animated "Madagascar" film stampeded past sci-fi thriller "Prometheus" to top US and Canadian box office charts with nearly $60.4 million in ticket sales over the weekend.

The Sun Also Rises

2012-06-08 16:58:37

The 2007 Chinese film directed by Jiang Wen details four interconnected stories with strong color of magic realism.

'Madagascar 3' premieres in New York

2012-06-08 16:57:24

Cast members attend the premiere of "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" in New York on June 7, 2012.

Curse of the Golden Flower

2012-06-08 16:36:30

The film is a 2006 Chinese epic directed by Zhang Yimou. The plot is based on Cao Yu's play "Thunderstorm", but is set in the imperial court in ancient China.

Painted Skin 2 set as Shanghai opener

2012-06-08 10:14:57

Painted Skin: The Resurrection has been set as the opening night film of this month's Shanghai International Film Festival (16-24 June).

Film of China's grassroots green campaign wins award

2012-06-07 14:37:23

After four years of production in China and Canada, director Gary Marcuse's documentary Waking the Green Tiger: A Green Movement Rises in China won a Grantham Award of Special Merit.

Silk Road-era folk customs revisited

2012-06-07 14:20:35

A weeklong international film show about folk customs along the ancient Silk Road started last week in Shaanxi province's capital Xi'an, the starting point of the Silk Road.

Documentary film fest hits the road

2012-06-07 13:37:45

The Next Homeland, a documentary film festival sponsored by Xi'an Jiaotong University and CNEX, was held last week at the university in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province.

Cinemas assigned for SH Film Fest screenings

2012-06-07 08:53:38

The organizing committee of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival 300 movies that will be shown during the event.

Tsui Hark and his world of 'wuxia' movies

2012-06-06 14:52:54

At the end of 2011, wuxia movie 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate' was hailed as 'the first IMAX 3D wuxia movie'. Equipped with 3D technology, Hong Kong director Xu Ke (Tsui Hark) returns to the 'wuxia' genre that he helped redefine.

Perhaps love

2012-06-06 13:38:32

"Perhaps Love" is a film released in 2005 and directed by Peter Chan, marking the first musical to be produced in mainland China in over forty years.

'That's My Boy' premieres in Los Angeles

2012-06-05 17:28:40

Cast members attend the premiere of "That's My Boy" in Los Angeles, California.