Johnny Depp promotes movie 'The Tourist' in Tokyo

2011-03-04 13:41:39

U.S. actor Johnny Depp applauds during a red carpet event to promote his movie "The Tourist" in Tokyo March 3, 2011.

Kevin Spacey, David Fincher build 'House of Cards'

2011-03-04 14:03:59

Kevin Spacey is on board to star in and executive producer "House of Cards," a political thriller based on a novel and a BBC miniseries.

Elizabeth Hurley to appear in 'Wonder Woman' pilot

2011-03-04 13:36:38

British actress/model Elizabeth Hurley says she has joined David E. Kelley's "Wonder Woman."

Johnny Depp cartoon set to animate box office

2011-03-04 13:36:00

Will an animated chameleon be the one to chase away the box-office blues?

'Star Wars: Episode I' goes 3D in 2012

2011-03-04 10:23:17

Lucasfilm Ltd. and 20th Century Fox will release the 3D version of "Star Wars: Episode I:The Phantom Menace on February 10, 2012."

Harry Potter London studio tour opens in 2012

2011-03-04 09:29:05

Harry Potter fans can catch a glimpse of how the movies were made starting in spring next year.

Johnny Depp promotes movie 'The Tourist' in Tokyo

2011-03-03 16:44:05

Actor Johnny Depp attends a photo session to promote the movie "The Tourist" in Tokyo March 3, 2011.

Weinsteins hit with $50 million suit over animated film

2011-03-03 15:07:01

Fresh off Oscar wins for "The King's Speech," Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob Weinstein were hit with a $50 million lawsuit on Wednesday claiming they sabotaged production of a troubled animated film.

Elton John film to open NY's Tribeca Festival

2011-03-03 15:06:37

A documentary about the making of Elton John's album "The Union" will open the Tribeca Film Festival next month.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen take 'Jungle Cruise' together

2011-03-03 15:06:21

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who voice-starred together in Disney's "Toy Story" movies, are teaming up for another Disney project, "Jungle Cruise."

Oscar best pic nominees win at foreign theaters

2011-03-03 15:06:08

The "Oscar Bump" proved to be a powerful force in the overseas movie marketplace as "Black Swan, "The King's Speech" took control of the box office chart.

'Blade Runner' reboot in the works

2011-03-03 14:57:08

The production company behind the Sandra Bullock hit "The Blind Side" is looking to bring the world of "Blade Runner" back to the big screen.