'Another Earth' an outstanding Sundance discovery

2011-01-25 16:13:08

The best science fiction tells stories about people in extraordinary environments or situations that serve to open up the vast, still largely unexplored terrain of the human heart. Mike Cahill's "Another Earth" is science fiction at its best.

'Crime After Crime' a powerful story of injustice

2011-01-25 16:13:08

The shocking statistic at the core of "Crime After Crime" is that 80% of women in American prisons are survivors of some form of domestic violence, rape or abuse.

'Social Network,' 'King's Speech' aim for Oscars

2011-01-25 14:45:56

Academy Awards voters are poised to set up a showdown between a tongue-tied monarch and a viper-tongued Web whiz kid.

Lawsuit claims 'Lie to Me' is a stolen idea

2011-01-25 13:43:26

Was U.S. network Fox deceitful in the creation of its hit show "Lie to Me?"

Jon Bon Jovi, Seth Meyers join 'New Year's Eve'

2011-01-25 13:43:08

Jon Bon Jovi and Seth Meyers are putting on their party hats for New Line's all-star ensemble "New Year's Eve," being directed by Garry Marshall.

Premiere of film 'The Green Hornet' in Singapore

2011-01-25 11:08:21

Cast members Jay Chou (R) and Seth Rogen pose at the premiere of the film "The Green Hornet" in Singapore January 24, 2011.

Aniston and Kutcher vie for Hollywood's worst awards

2011-01-24 17:19:08

If films starring Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher and the lovelorn cast of "Twilight" left you dumbfounded, you're officially in good company.

`Twilight,' `Airbender' lead Razzies with 9 noms

2011-01-24 17:19:00

Vampires, werewolves and airbenders lead the pack at the Razzies, an Academy Awards spoof that hands out prizes for the year's worst films.

'The King's Speech' is top film at producer awards

2011-01-24 16:44:37

"The King's Speech" claimed the crown for best film at the Producers Guild of America Awards on Saturday.

Sundance familiar territory for Elizabeth Banks

2011-01-24 14:44:00

Elizabeth Banks is currently killing it as Jack Donaghy's baby-mama-to-be, Avery Jessup, on 30 Rock.

Gong Li at the South Korean premiere of movie 'Shanghai' in Seoul

2011-01-24 14:43:42

Actress Gong Li attends a news conference for the South Korean premiere of her movie "Shanghai" in Seoul January 24, 2011.

Film premiere of 'Gnomeo & Juliet' in Hollywood

2011-01-24 13:30:14

Actress Emily Blunt signs autographs at the premiere of Gnomeo & Juliet in Hollywood, California on January 23, 2011.