Confessions Questions

2013-08-06 13:54:07

Exclusive Q&A session with Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing.

More than just a pretty face

2013-08-06 13:51:38

Fan Bingbing has such exquisite looks that she may have a career no matter what. But she wants it all. She has proved that she can play parts that either go along with her beauty or in spite of it. Her Best What they say Confessions Questions

'One Night Surprise' premieres in Beijing

2013-08-06 10:25:45

Cast member Fan Bingbing attends the premiere of "One Night Surprise" in Beijing on August 5, 2013.

E.T. triumphs as British public's favorite childhood film

2013-08-06 09:01:05

"E.T the Extra-Terrestrial" is the childhood film of choice for a nostalgic British public, who also voted the 1980s as their favorite film decade.

Photo call for 'Elysium' held in LA

2013-08-05 10:57:50

Cast member Matt Damon poses during a photo call for "Elysium" in Los Angeles, California, August 2, 2013.

Hollywood comes to Hangzhou with animated saga Bonta

2013-08-03 07:34:28

A 3-D Chinese animated film produced to Hollywood standards was released on Friday nationwide, aiming to grab more than 100 million yuan in box office.

Rock music takes aim at China's smaller cities

2013-08-02 13:38:41

As the music festival scene grows in China, organizers are looking to go beyond first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai because they aren't the only places people want to rock.

Jay Chou's second film pockets 118 million yuan

2013-08-02 13:24:14

Jay Chou's second film "Rooftop" raked in 118 million yuan (19.2 million US dollars) as of Tuesday following its debut in Chinese theaters on July 11. Complete showman

'Fast & Furious 6' rules China's box office

2013-08-02 09:23:16

Action sequel "Fast & Furious 6" led China's box office charts in the week ended July 28, raking in 156.9 million yuan (25.6 million US dollars). Photos China gains edge with reality-based films

Fan Bingbing Wishes to Go to Space

2013-07-31 14:13:13

Mega-star Fan Bingbing unveiled their new romantic comedy, One Night Surprise (Yi Ye Jing Xi), during an exclusive interview with China Daily.

Still photos of Jay Chou's 'The Rooftop'

2013-07-31 13:38:15

Still photos of Jay Chou's 'The Rooftop'.

What they say

2013-07-31 09:22:09

What those in the entertainment industry had to say about singer and director Jay Chou.