Robert Downey Jr. attached to star in musical film

2010-12-06 08:55:43

Robert Downey Jr. will be singing for his supper.

Filmmaker works 40 years to make "Nutcracker 3D"

2010-12-06 08:55:34

"Every adult has a child-like soul," says 73 year-old Andrei Konchalovsky.

New Mel Gibson movie finally heads to theaters

2010-12-06 07:47:40

Mel Gibson is headed back into movie theaters after months of damaging publicity.

"Tangled" tops weekend box office

2010-12-06 07:45:19

"Tangled" knocked British boy wizard Harry Potter from the top of movie box office charts on the weekend.

Roman Polanski wins best European picture award

2010-12-05 14:28:53

Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" has won the prize for best film at the European Film Awards.

Opening night at 10th International Marrakesh Film Festival

2010-12-05 11:45:01

Maggie Cheung, Eva Mendes, Sophie Marceau and Marion Cotillard at the opening ceremony of the 10th International Marrakesh Film Festival.

Reaching for the stars

2010-12-03 13:20:46

The movie tells a story about 13 women living alongside Qinhuai River in Nanjing who extricates their fellow countrymen from Japanese troops during World War II.

"Social Network" named best film by key group

2010-12-03 07:58:36

Facebook film "The Social Network" picked up four awards, including best movie, from a key industry group in the first major honors of Hollywood's awards season, helping to narrow the list of this year's Oscar contenders.

The premiere of the film "All Good Things" in New York

2010-12-02 15:18:47

Cast member Kirsten Dunst arrives for the premiere of the film "All Good Things" in New York December 1, 2010.

Angelina Jolie defends Bosnian directorial debut

2010-12-03 08:00:30

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has hit back at criticism of her directorial debut, saying most people back her portrayal of a love story between a Serbian man and Bosnian woman on the eve of the 1992-95 Balkans conflict.

A Minute With: Kirsten Dunst and "All Good Things"

2010-12-03 09:15:06

Kirsten Dunst grew up before movie fans' eyes in films such as "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" and "The Virgin Suicides," and she became a big star in the "Spider-Man movies.

Queen Elizabeth "shed tears" at Narnia film ending: Neeson

2010-12-03 08:02:34

"I shed a tear the other night and I was told the Queen shed a few tears as well," he told a news conference on Thursday.