Hugh Jackman claws deep into 'Wolverine' to expose a softer side

2013-07-24 10:01:16

Hugh Jackman battles Ninja warriors but still manages to show a softer side of the superhero in "The Wolverine," the newest film in the X-Men series. 'The Wolverine' premieres in London

Movie 'One Night Surprise' releases theme song

2013-07-22 13:46:49

Cast member Fan Bingbing promotes the theme song for her movie "One Night Surprise."

China Exclusive: Domestic films gain box office edge with reality-based films

2013-07-22 10:52:02

Already topping US box office charts, action sequel "Fast & Furious 6" and sci-fi flick "Pacific Rim" are also poised to cash in on the flourishing Chinese film market.

Superman to battle Batman in 'Man of Steel' sequel

2013-07-22 10:30:32

A sequel to hit "Superman" film "Man of Steel" is not only in the works, but will feature two best-known caped crusaders - Superman and Batman - facing off against each other. 'Man of Steel' sets June record

15th Taipei Film Festival

2013-07-22 09:28:47

Celebrities attend the awarding ceremony of the 15th Taipei Film Festival held in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan, July 20, 2013.

Unorthodox film's killers all too real

2013-07-21 10:58:27

In "The Act of Killing,", a death squad leader named Anwar Congo demonstrates how he strangled hundreds of people with wire. It was quicker and less messy than beating them to death.

HK teenage screenwriter makes Hollywood debut

2013-07-20 10:55:09

Jeremy Lin has made history again. This time, the name does not refer to the basketball player from Harvard University, but a Hong Kong teenager whose script will be made into a Hollywood movie.

Academy gives student filmmakers a taste of China

2013-07-20 07:24:20

"I hope to gain friendship and the experience to touch another culture," says Wang Yashu, a student at Beijing Normal University. That's the common goal of 24 filmmakers from the US, France and China who have strived to capture Chinese culture in a 10-minute video.

China to relax rules on film censorship

2013-07-19 11:42:11

China has cut the need to approve imported equipment, film and state property needed for movie productions by Chinese and foreign partners.

"After Earth" tops China's film charts

2013-07-19 09:30:28

American sci-fi adventure "After Earth" ruled China's box office charts by raking in 87 million yuan in the week ending July 14.

'The Frozen Ground' premieres in London

2013-07-18 14:11:40

Vanessa Hudgens poses at the UK premiere of "The Frozen Ground" at Leicester Square in London July 17, 2013.

Depp promotes 'The Lone Rangers' in Tokyo

2013-07-18 13:56:59

Johnny Depp waves during a photo call at a news conference to promote his movie "The Lone Ranger" in Tokyo July 17, 2013.