New film on China's billionaires

Updated: 2015-03-29 08:43

By Xu Fan(

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New film on China's billionaires

Chinese actor Francis Ng (right) dances with a partner at a press conference. Photo provided to China Daily

The film Tuhao 520, or Love without Distance, is attempting to scrutinize the definition of "tuhao", a popular Chinese expression to describe people who are rich but possibly lack some finesse.

"It is a misunderstanding (on society's part)," said Aubrey Lam, the romantic comedy's director. "China has developed fast in the past three decades, thanks to the reform and opening-up policy. The booming economy has given us a bunch of billionaires, but they have struggled to earn much respect and most of them are, in fact, pursuing true love and values."

Francis Ng, an award winning Hong Kong actor who stars as a mainland "tuhao", echoed Lam.

"Today's billionaires, who weren't raised in affluent families, have worked hard to become wealthy. It's fair to lead life the way they want," Ng said at a recent media event to promote the film in Beijing.

Lam said that the film, shot in parts of Europe, also shows the billionaires' obsession with bling such as hiring planes and luxury cars for personal use.

Tuhao 520, with famed Hong Kong film director Peter Chan as its artistic consultant, is scheduled for mainland release on May 20.

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