Cameron Diaz's sore knee dress

2012-05-14 15:59:58

Cameron Diaz's Met Ball dress gave her sore knees.

Carey Mulligan selling Met Ball dress

2012-05-14 15:59:39

Carey Mulligan is selling her Met Ball dress on eBay.

Lauren Conrad's shoe shopping struggle

2012-05-14 14:15:37

Lauren Conrad finds shopping for shoes hard.

Beth Ditto didn't wear make-up

2012-05-14 14:12:49

Beth Ditto never wore make-up in high school.

Carrie Underwood needs time away from husband

2012-05-14 14:11:34

Carrie Underwood says time apart from her husband is good for their relationship.

Britney hasn't signed for 'X Factor' yet

2012-05-14 13:34:00

Britney Spears has not signed on to be a judge on 'The X Factor' USA.

Jennifer Hudson prays for convicted murderer

2012-05-14 13:31:39

Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia Hudson have released a statement about the murder sentencing of William Balfour for the murders of her mother, brother and nephew.

Matthew McConaughey's musical sons

2012-05-14 13:31:14

Matthew McConaughey plays drums with his children.

Spice Girls to reunite at musical

2012-05-14 13:30:36

All of the Spice Girls will attend the opening night of musical 'Viva Forever'.

Simpson sells baby photos for 800,000

2012-05-14 13:29:58

Jessica Simpson has reportedly sold the first pictures of her newborn daughter for $800,000.

William and Catherine wow at Olympic gala

2012-05-14 13:24:10

Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were star attractions at the gala to mark the London Olympic Games countdown.

Eva Green: Relationships are hard

2012-05-14 13:13:49

Eva Green finds relationships "hard work".