Britney Spears walks off US X Factor set after wannabe's tribute

2012-07-11 13:21:16

Britney Spears walked off the US 'X Factor' set after a contestant dressed in drag covered her hit '(You Drive Me) Crazy'.

Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing performs in drama 'Fenghua Juedai'

2012-07-10 16:24:03

Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing performs in the drama "Fenghua Juedai" at the Hubei Opera House in Wuhan.

Paula Abdul still friends with Simon Cowell

2012-07-10 13:33:02

Paula Abdul is still friends with Simon Cowell even after he fired her from 'The X Factor' USA judging panel.

Sharon Stone had near death experience

2012-07-10 13:29:47

Sharon Stone claims she came so close to death in 2001 that she saw a "white light" and people close to her who had already died.

Kim Kardashian 'so excited' to be an aunt again

2012-07-10 13:18:53

Kim Kardashian is "so excited" to have become an aunt for the second time after her sister Kourtney gave birth.

Adam Lambert to judge American Idol?

2012-07-10 13:12:11

Adam Lambert is reportedly set to join the judging panel of 'American Idol', the show in which he shot to fame in 2009.

Katie Holmes to get primary custody of Suri

2012-07-10 10:53:54

Katie Holmes will get primary custody of Suri after the pair reached a divorce settlement.

Usher 'completely devastated' by stepson's condition

2012-07-10 10:21:15

Usher has been left "completely devastated" and "distraught" after his 11-year-old stepson was declared brain dead following a jet ski accident on Saturday (07.07.12).

Sifting through songs for the man inside

2012-07-10 10:13:33

In the new Chris Brown album "Fortune", a song called "Don't Judge Me" reveals hints about his inner life.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes wrap up speedy divorce

2012-07-10 09:47:20

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes settled their divorce on Monday, taking less than two weeks to end a nearly six-year marriage that captivated the world.

Angelina Jolie: children are key to happiness

2012-07-09 15:33:52

Angelina Jolie credits her six children with making her happy.

Justin Bieber only looks up to Jackson

2012-07-09 15:26:10

Michael Jackson is the only star Justin Bieber looks up to when he needs guidance.