Gao Yuanyuan attends commercial activity

2014-05-13 06:50:54

Chinese actressz Gao Yuanyuan attends a commercial activity in Beijing.

Entertainment Weekly Photos: May 3 - 9

2014-05-09 15:27:57

Memorable photos in showbiz from May 3 to 9.

Hot celebrity moms

2014-05-09 14:20:24

Editor's picks on the most beautiful celebrity moms in showbiz.

Leonardo DiCaprio is 'burned out'

2014-05-09 13:43:21

Leonardo DiCaprio has been warned by his friends to slow down and stop taking on work projects.

Li Ai's street style fashion shoot

2014-05-09 08:12:28

Chinese model and hostess Li Ai's street style fashion shoot.

Britney Spears sued for dancer's broken nose

2014-05-07 11:13:24

Britney Spears is being sued by her backing dancer Dawn Noel after she accidentally smacked her in the face last year during rehearsals and subsequently broke her nose.

Justin Timberlake enjoys new experiences

2014-05-07 10:49:35

Justin Timberlake thinks it is important to learn something from everything he does.

Director stresses indie spirit

2014-05-07 09:16:45

Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke urges his peers in the Middle Kingdom to chase more projects than potential Hollywood blockbusters.

Antonio Banderas releases new perfume

2014-05-06 16:25:12

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas takes part in a press conference about his new perfume "Her Golden Secret" in Bogota, capital of Colombia, on May 5, 2014.

Brad Pitt buys son Justin Bieber portrait

2014-05-06 13:19:21

Brad Pitt has purchased a portrait of Justin Bieber, which was created by street artist Bambi, for son Pax, 10, who he raises with Angelina Jolie.

Zac Efron: 'Weight' was lifted after addiction confession

2014-05-06 11:24:46

Zac Efron admits it was a relief to open up about his battle with drugs and alcohol in an interview last month.

Kate Hudson 'wrecked' friendship with Jessica Alba

2014-05-06 11:22:58

Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba's friendship has deteriorated since the blonde beauty began dating Matthew Bellamy in 2010.