Adele needs to be 'working now'

2012-11-28 13:42:38

Adele should be out "working now" and capitalising on the success of her album '21'.Adele gives birth to baby boy

Miley Cyrus: 'Zayn Malik is cute'

2012-11-28 13:42:21

Miley Cyrus thinks One Direction singer Zayn Malik is "cute".One Direction win Bambi award

Alec Baldwin's stalker violates protection order

2012-11-28 13:17:15

Alec Baldwin's stalker has been charged with violating the protection order against her.Alec Baldwin marries Hilaria Thomas

Sun Li covers Figaro China

2012-11-28 13:16:20

Sun Li graces the cover of Figaro China magazine.

Brad and Angelina don't care where to marry

2012-11-28 13:15:59

Brad Pitt and Angelina will try to fit in a wedding among their busy schedules.'Killing Them Softly' screens in New York

Daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, six, models for Guess

2012-11-28 13:15:10

The six-year-old daughter of dead Playboy model and reality television star Anna Nicole Smith has stepped in front of the camera like her mother to model for US clothing brand Guess.

Sun Li on Figaro China cover

2012-11-28 10:24:58

Chinese actress Sun Li poses for photos of Figaro China magazine cover.

Kim Kardashian tops list of Bing searches

2012-11-28 10:14:09

Kim Kardashian topped the 2012 list of the most-searched person on Bing, with Justin Bieber coming in second.Justin Bieber meets Canadian PM in overalls

Police called to Simon Cowell's home

2012-11-27 13:19:35

Police were called to Simon Cowell's home after a prank hostage situation was reported.Simon Cowell seen kissing Carmen Electra

Charlie Sheen donated $150,000 to charity

2012-11-27 11:03:44

Charlie Sheen gave away all of his earnings from 'Scary Movie 5'.Lindsay Lohan befriended by Sheen, loses out as Liz

Nicki Minaj blasts Steven Tyler

2012-11-27 11:03:34

Nicki Minaj has blasted Steven Tyler for making a "racist comment" about her.Nicki Minaj loves 'credible' idol

Justin Bieber meets Canadian PM in overalls

2012-11-27 11:02:27

Bieber met the Canadian Prime Minister in dungarees and a baseball cap.Bieber, Jepsen perform at CFL Grey Cup