Doctors spent 40 minutes trying to revive 'Sopranos' star Gandolfini

2013-06-21 10:45:44

Doctors at a Rome hospital battled for 40 minutes to try to save the life of James Gandolfini before pronouncing him dead. James Gandolfini dies in Italy 'Sopranos' listed best-written US TV series

Angelina Jolie attends UN news conference in Syria

2013-06-21 08:57:18

Angelina Jolie, the U.N. refugee agency's special envoy, attends a news conference at the Al Zaatri refugee camp in Syria, June 20, 2013.

Jing Tian poses for VOGUE Wedding

2013-06-20 16:30:50

Chinese actress Jing Tian poses for the cover of VOGUE Wedding.

Bai Baihe arrives S. Korea for Chinese Film Festival

2013-06-20 11:22:38

Chinese actress Bai Baihe arrives S. Korea for Chinese Film Festival.

Pregnant Yao Chen poses for Bazaar magazine

2013-06-20 09:51:46

Chinese actress Yao Chen is pregnant with her first child and is expected to give birth in July.

Britain's Kate to give birth in same hospital as Princess Diana

2013-06-20 09:03:16

Kate Middleton will give birth to the future heir to the British throne in the same hospital where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Princes William and Harry. 'Royal Princess' 60th aniversary of Queen's coronation

Stars attend exhibition 'The Little Black Jacket' in Beijing

2013-06-19 13:38:33

Stars attend exhibition "The Little Black Jacket" in Beijing.

Justin Bieber hits photographer in Los Angeles car scrape

2013-06-19 10:02:57

Justin Bieber struck a photographer with his Ferrari while driving away from a comedy club in LA, but the accident was not considered a hit-and-run.
Justin Bieber books space voyage
Justin Bieber investigated for reckless driving

Nigella Lawson's husband downplays photos of him grabbing her neck

2013-06-18 09:35:10

Former advertising tycoon Charles Saatchi downplayed photographs in which he is shown grabbing his wife, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, around the neck, saying it was just a "playful tiff."

Miss Connecticut Erin Brady crowned Miss USA 2013

2013-06-18 09:24:31

Miss Connecticut Erin Brady is crowned Miss USA in Las Vegas, June 16, 2013.

Liu Yifei graces FIGARO magazine

2013-06-17 14:41:27

Chinese actress Liu Yifei graces the cover of FIGARO magazine.

Kim Kardashian gives birth to baby girl: reports

2013-06-17 13:18:16

Reality television star Kim Kardashian gave birth to a girl fathered by rapper Kanye West, celebrity magazines People and Us Weekly reported Saturday.