Andy Lau attends the opening of Polar Adventure

2012-07-13 14:10:35

Andy Lau attends the opening of Polar Adventure in Hong Kong.

Jennifer Lopez hints at American Idol exit

2012-07-13 11:03:50

Jennifer Lopez has strongly hinted she could quit 'American Idol', admitting "it's maybe time" for her to leave.

'Smart' dresser Victoria Beckham

2012-07-13 10:44:22

Legendary photographer David Bailey thinks Victoria Beckham is a "smart" dresser although isn't a fan of her huge high heeled shoes.

Steven Tyler quits American Idol

2012-07-13 10:23:57

Steven Tyler has confirmed he is leaving 'American Idol' in order to concentrate on Aerosmith again after admitting he has "strayed too far" from the band.

Jennifer Lopez feels sad for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

2012-07-13 10:20:25

Jennifer Lopez says that "nobody wins" in Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce settlement and that it's about more than just child custody.

Justin Bieber sued by concert-goer

2012-07-13 10:15:15

Justin Bieber is sued for $9.23 million after a woman claimed the noise at his concert damaged her hearing.

Rihanna: I wanted Chris Brown duet because he's 'dirty'

2012-07-13 10:08:33

Rihanna wanted to duet with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown on her hit single 'Birthday Cake' because he is "dirty" and shocking.

Anne Hathaway 'inconsolable' after haircut

2012-07-13 09:57:07

Anne Hathaway was "inconsolable" when she saw the result of her latest haircut, and insists it was harder than "doing back flips out of windows and jumping off of buildings".

Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber highest paid young celebrities

2012-07-13 09:09:50

Taylor Swift edged out teen Justin Bieber as the highest-earning celebrity under 30, taking in $57 million on a list released by on Thursday.

Miley Cyrus gets political tattoo

2012-07-12 13:34:55

Cyrus has had a quote from former US President Theodore Roosevelt tattooed on her arm.

Katie Holmes sought support from Nicole Kidman amid divorce

2012-07-12 13:26:20

Katie Holmes has reached out to Nicole Kidman for support over the past few weeks as she planned her divorce from Tom Cruise.

Jessica Biel likes to maintain individuality in relationship

2012-07-12 13:16:40

Jessica Biel says maintaining her individuality is important for her in relationships.