Heidi Klum has 'moved on' from Seal

2012-09-04 13:34:59

Heidi Klum has "moved on" from her marriage to Seal, after she was pictured getting cozy with her bodyguard.

Prince Harry returns to the public eye

2012-09-04 13:34:09

Prince Harry made his first public appearance since naked photos of him were published.

Bobby Brown's wife's seizure caused by diabetes?

2012-09-04 13:33:06

Bobby Brown's wife's seizure was reportedly caused by diabetes, which she is thought to have been diagnosed with in 2009.

Kristen Stewart's body rejected blonde

2012-09-04 13:32:37

Kristen Stewart felt like her "whole body rejected" dying her hair blonde for when she starred in 'On the Road'.

Xu Qing on fashion magazine cover

2012-09-04 10:33:46

Chinese actress Xu Qing's photos appear on a fashion magazine.

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies at 54

2012-09-04 09:59:12

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan, nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of a death row inmate in the 1999 drama "The Green Mile", died on Monday.

Prince Harry's first appearance since nude pics

2012-09-04 09:57:53

Britain's Prince Harry has made his first public appearance since nude photos of him in a Las Vegas hotel room surfaced on the Internet.

Jolin brings it on in Beijing

2012-09-03 15:55:57

From wavy blonde hair and deep red lipstick to pure ballerina in white skirt, Jolin Tsai's ever-changing looks draw as much attention as the music.

Britney Spears competent to testify in court?

2012-09-03 10:53:02

Britney Spears' alleged former manager Sam Lutfi says her articulate performances on promos for 'The X Factor' show she is competent to testify in his court case against her parents.

Rihanna almost thrown out of nightclub

2012-09-03 10:52:03

Rihanna was almost thrown out of a London club for "jumping on a table" and smashing it.

Vanessa Paradis dating French millionaire

2012-09-03 10:51:13

Vanessa Paradis has reportedly embarked on a romance with French businessman Guy-David Gharbi.

Justin Bieber's car crash drama

2012-09-03 10:50:51

Two members of the paparazzi crashed into each other while chasing Justin Bieber's car in Los Angeles.