Prince William and Kate release family snapshots

2013-08-20 09:38:54

Prince William and his wife Kate released two informal family snapshots as the first official photos of their son, Prince George.

Lindsay Lohan says she's an addict, aims 'to shut up and listen'

2013-08-20 09:21:04

Weeks after finishing her sixth trip to rehab, Lindsay Lohan said that she was an addict and realizes she needs "to shut up and listen."

Actress Hsu Chi covers BAZAAR

2013-08-19 13:44:12

Actress Hsu Chi poses for Harper's BAZAAR magazine.

Chris Brown agrees on more community labor

2013-08-18 10:59:15

R&B singer Chris Brown had his probation reinstated after he agreed to complete an additional 1,000 hours of community labor for assaulting Rihanna.

Christy Cheung and daughters pose for magazine

2013-08-17 11:34:23

Actress Christy Cheung and her daughters pose for COSMO magazine.

Stars promote Vogue 'Fashion's Night Out'

2013-08-16 13:54:46

Stars poses for photos to promote Vogue 'Fashion's Night Out' event.

Michael Jackson's ex-wife says daughter Paris is 'devastated'

2013-08-16 10:27:49

Michael Jackson's ex-wife said in a LA court that their daughter Paris is "devastated" over her father's death and "doesn't feel like she has a life."
MJ's ex-wife says doctors took advantage of singer
Details of Paris Jackson's suicide attempt

Bruce Lee's daughter: my father was a game changer

2013-08-15 14:37:39

Bruce Lee's major contribution is that he built a positive image of China around the world, especially in the West, his daughter Shannon Lee said.

Celebrities at Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual luncheon

2013-08-15 13:57:26

Celebrities arrive at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual luncheon in Beverly Hills, California August 13, 2013.

Celeb moms back anti-paparazzi bill

2013-08-15 10:44:09

Hollywood moms Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner continued to urge passage of a bill that would increase penalties for paparazzi to harrass children.

Michael Jackson's ex-wife says doctors took advantage of singer

2013-08-15 09:49:16

Michael Jackson's doctors over-prescribed medications to help overcome his "incredible" fear of pain, the late pop singer's ex-wife testified in a wrongful death trial.
MJ's son to testify in wrongful death trial

Fan Bingbing covers COSMO Bride

2013-08-14 14:27:01

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing poses for the cover of COSMO Bride magazine.