Stephen Moyer on having twins with Anna Paquin

2012-07-17 11:03:23

Stephen Moyer thinks having twins with wife and co-star Anna Paquin is going to be "crazy."

Marion Cotillard finds motherhood exhausting

2012-07-17 10:59:07

'The Dark Knight Rises' actress Marion Cotillard has "never been more exhausted" since becoming a first-time mother.

Kim Kardashian is blasted by PETA over crocodile skin bag

2012-07-17 10:47:04

PETA has criticised Kim Kardashian for owning a crocodile skin Birkin.

Mila Kunis wants family in 5 years

2012-07-17 10:42:03

Mila Kunis has revealed she wants to have settled down and have started a family in five years.

Robert Pattinson wore wig for Twilight

2012-07-17 10:38:28

Robert Pattinson has revealed he had to wear a wig which was like "Frankenstein's monster" for his re-shoots on 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'.

Demi Lovato explains self-harming

2012-07-17 10:36:29

'X Factor' USA judge Demi Lovato didn't care about the results of cutting herself when she was a self-harmer.

Sarah Jessica Parker to play Vogue journalist in Glee

2012-07-17 10:31:04

Sarah Jessica Parker will play a "frazzled, eccentric" journalist for in 'Glee'.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell for Olympic Games closing ceremony

2012-07-17 10:25:48

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and others will take part in the London Olympic Games closing ceremony on August 12.

Nicole Kidman told Holmes she had 'no regrets' about split

2012-07-17 10:15:16

Nicole Kidman told Katie Holmes that she has "no regrets" about separating from Tom Cruise.

Rihanna creates fashion line

2012-07-17 10:04:06

Rihanna is to create her own fashion line for British high street chain River Island, which will be available next year.

Actress Uma Thurman gives birth to girl: manager

2012-07-17 08:44:38

Actress Uma Thurman, star of movies such as "Kill Bill" and "Pulp Fiction," has given birth to her third child, a girl, the actress' manager confirmed on Monday.

David Beckham wanted to play Olympics with Ryan Giggs

2012-07-16 14:26:46

David Beckham would have loved to take part in the Olympics with former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs.