Berluti's shoes, Sartori's clothes

2012-05-28 17:20:21

When fashion designer Alessandro Sartori meets reporters, he never starts with big talks. Instead, he leads them straight into a showroom of his creations.

French dragon

2012-05-28 17:19:11

At 60, Jean Paul Gaultier is looking for something new in China.

Brad Pitt's expensive shades

2012-05-25 16:58:35

Brad Pitt wore a pair of $1,250 sunglasses at the premiere 'Killing Them Softly' on Tuesday.

Cameron Diaz has zoologist dreams

2012-05-25 16:57:25

Cameron Diaz wanted to be a zoologist when she was younger.

Depp responds to sign language criticism

2012-05-25 16:55:54

Johnny Depp had responded to critics of his sign language abilities in Paul Mccartney's latest video. 'I'm working on my singing abilities'

2012-05-25 16:54:32 has admitted that he is not a good singer.

Coldplay lights gig gimmick getting expensive

2012-05-25 16:54:16

Coldplay are worried they will go broke because they are spending so much money on wristbands.

Leona Lewis 'X Factor' guest judge

2012-05-25 16:53:28

Leona Lewis is to be a guest judge on 'The X Factor' according to reports.

James Van Der Beek bored by Dawson

2012-05-25 16:52:43

James Van Der Beek got "very bored" towards the end of 'Dawson's Creek'.

Geri Halliwell wants George Michael for 'X Factor''

2012-05-25 16:51:21

Geri Halliwell wants to recruit George Michael as her celebrity helper on 'The X Factor'.

Prince William: Queen Elizabeth is a brilliant grandmother

2012-05-25 16:46:19

The young royal admits she has handled the job well and he has always had respect for her.

Gisele Bundchen expecting second child with Tom Brady?

2012-05-25 16:46:00

Supermodel and NFL player already have a son.