It's raining men in China

2012-06-20 10:17:28 aims to transform the romantic lives of China's men for the better, not just in those living in major centers but "everyone, man".

Keira Knightley would get drunk if world was ending

2012-06-20 10:08:29

Keira Knightley would get completely drunk if she knew the world was going to end because she couldn't bear to be sober and be completely aware of what was happening around her.

Anne Hathaway lived on Hummus and radishes

2012-06-20 10:04:04

Anne Hathaway "lived on hummus and radishes" to slim down for her role as prostitute Fantine in 'Les Miserables'.

Alexa Chung is the new face of Maje

2012-06-20 09:22:39

Alexa Chung has been revealed as the new face of French clothing label Maje.

Kristen Stewart bumps Jolie as highest-paid actress

2012-06-20 09:10:18

Kristen Stewart jumped to the top of's annual list of highest-paid actresses.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split after 14 years

2012-06-20 09:02:17

Johnny Depp has separated from his partner of 14 years, French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, a representative for the actor said on Tuesday.

'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'

2012-06-19 15:37:44

Celebrities pose at the premiere of "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" during the Los Angeles Film Festival in Los Angeles

Stars decorate homes in style

2012-06-19 14:46:23

Home and style magazine AD celebrates its one-year birthday by inviting four celebrities to decorate rooms of a temporary home in Beijing.

Britney Spears shocked by friend's audition

2012-06-19 14:30:36

Britney Spears was left emotional when an old friend auditioned for 'The X Factor' on Sunday and announced he is gay during the process.

Hilary Duff being sued for car accident

2012-06-19 14:23:29

Hilary Duff had a law suit filed against her after being accused of smashing her Range Rover into the back of another car in 2010.

Beyonce wants to return to acting

2012-06-19 14:12:39

Beyonce Knowles has called on friend Gwyneth Paltrow for advice to break back in to the acting craft.

Press preview of 'I AM'

2012-06-19 13:17:15

K-pop idols attend a press preview of the movie "I AM" at a theater in Seoul on June 18, 2012.