Florida city suspends police officers for escorting Bieber

2014-01-26 10:35:15

Three Florida police officers have been suspended for giving Justin Bieber an unauthorized escort from a Miami area airport.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want Lady Gaga to sing at their wedding

2014-01-26 10:22:29

Superstar couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to have asked Lady Gaga to sing at their upcoming wedding, which is expecting to take place in Paris this summer.

Cheng Sicheng, Tong Liya hold traditional wedding

2014-01-25 15:20:14

Actor Chen Sicheng and actress Tong Liya, who have held their wedding ceremony in Tahiti on January 16, 2014, got the present of a traditional Chinese-style wedding ceremony from Hunan TV.

Celebrity photos reveal food enjoyment

2014-01-25 14:51:13

Food plays an important role with Spring Festival. Few people look elegant while they are eating, including celebrities.

Justin Bieber leaves Florida jail after drunk driving arrest

2014-01-24 16:16:34

Justin Bieber's tumultuous life off-stage landed him in jail for the first time on Thursday when police arrested the singer for drunk driving.

Scarlett Johansson is 'deeply in love'

2014-01-24 16:14:23

Scarlett Johansson is "deeply in love" with her fiance Romain Dauriac because she can always rely on him but wants to savour their engagement.

Cameron Diaz's stomach screams for junk food

2014-01-24 16:09:11

Cameron Diaz still struggles not to eat junk food and she has to force herself to drive past fast food restaurants every day.

Fans to vote for David Beckham Super Bowl ad

2014-01-24 16:06:43

The public has been given the power to decide which version of David Beckham's H&M bodywear ads should be screened at the Super Bowl in February.

Street snap of Ni Ni in Paris

2014-01-24 10:53:23

Street snap of Chinese actress Ni Ni in Paris

Bradley Cooper returning to Broadway

2014-01-23 13:35:23

Bradley Cooper is to star in a Broadway production of 'The Elephant Man'.

Daniel Radcliffe to star in Brooklyn Bridge

2014-01-23 10:13:19

Daniel Radcliffe star as Washington Roebling in 'Brooklyn Bridge' which follows an inexperienced engineer tasked with overseeing the construction of he landmark.

Johnny Depp to wed Amber Heard

2014-01-23 09:47:49

50-year-old Depp has proposed to the 27-year-old actress, Amber Heard, according to People magazine.