Beth Ditto didn't wear make-up

Updated: 2012-05-14 14:12


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Beth Ditto didn't wear make-up

Beth Ditto. [Photo/Agencies]

Beth Ditto never wore make-up in high school.

Although the openly-gay Gossip singer loves experimenting with her look now and has even created her own line of beauty products for Mac, she chose not to use cosmetics when she was younger because she was struggling with her sexuality.

She said: ''I grew up not wearing make-up at all. I was coming out as a lesbian and trying to make sense of what make-up was within feminism and questioning whether you could be particularly feminine and be a feminist - which was ridiculous. I had super, super short black hair and a lip ring. I was really into that look.''

However, Beth was still so obsessed with make-up that her friends asked her to help them get ready for prom and she was even considering a career in beauty before she started a band.

She said: ''I still talked about make-up all the time so the girls in my school would say 'Beth will you do my make-up for prom'. Some of those girls thought I should go to beauty school so that was my plan. Then music took over accidently.''