A legend in his own lifetime

2011-08-12 08:18:00

The Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an are obviously a must-see, but so is "old farmer" Chen Zhongshi.

A reading light at the end of a long dark tunnel

2011-08-12 08:18:00

Xia Yu's autobiographical essay collection The Sound of Darkness is an immense dark cave, resounding with detonations, shrill sirens and harrowing wails.

Little Reading Pirate is launched in China

2011-08-12 08:18:00

Two international best-selling children's books have been introduced to young Chinese readers by Hachette-Phoenix, a French-Chinese joint publisher based in Beijing.

Lifting the veil

2011-08-05 08:00:17

Beijing's Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is steeped in history, dreams and tears, which are perfectly reflected in design.

An author who confronts our demons

2011-08-05 08:00:17

It's dusk and Tuola the bear king makes his way down the mountain and arrives at a Lisu ethnic group village in Yunnan province.

Real life dreams

2011-07-29 08:01:34

Everything about Cao Yulan's life changed the instant the electrical pole crashed down on her mother's head during a violent thunderstorm.

Thriller with a cause

2011-07-29 08:01:34

Daphna Ziman is on a mission to help foster children, and she's picked a novel way to do it - novel, being the key word.

Faithful Place, by Tana French

2011-07-29 08:01:34

Like her two previous mysteries, In the Woods (2007) and The Likeness (2008), French's latest is set in Dublin and steeped in local history.

What they say

2011-07-22 08:02:20

In the winter of 2002, she decided to concentrate on the writing of We Three, to fulfill the wishes of her daughter.

Indian trilogy writer strikes black gold

2011-07-22 08:02:20

The book comes with a huge cast of real-life and fictional characters - tycoons, government officials, journalists, smugglers and fugitives.

At the margins of life

2011-07-22 12:17:59

The 100th birthday of Yang Jiang was a low-key affair for a celebrated writer and translator

The slim years

2011-07-15 07:57:36

Chinese authors are still struggling to carve a niche in the global gallery of contemporary literary greats.