Mo Yan leaves for Sweden to accept Nobel Prize

2012-12-05 14:02:13

Mo Yan, this year's winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, arrives at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, as he is to leave for Sweden to accept the award, Dec 5, 2012.

Chinese scholar wins Russia's Likhachov prize

2012-12-03 16:02:01

Russia's annual Likhachov Prize achievement was awarded here Friday to Liu Wenfei, a scholar from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and four top Russian contributors.

Dinosaur guide launched

2012-12-03 15:50:26

Dinosaur Bible: Stegosauria in Beijing was launched by the Hunan Science & Technology Press on Sunday.

Scotland launches Book Week to promote reading

2012-12-03 15:29:05

Scotland has launched the first ever Book Week to encourage people of all ages to embark or continue on a reading journey, a government press release said on Tuesday.

A sustainable dialogue promotes green Beijing

2012-12-02 13:07:45

Stephanie Tansey reveals the power of dialogue through nine stories about people working in different ways toward a sustainable Beijing in her new book Recovery of the Heart.

Mo Yan's novels at Bucharest Book Fair

2012-11-28 15:50:09

Photo taken on Nov 24, 2012 shows the Romanian version of Chinese writer Mo Yan's novels at the 19th edition of International Book Fair Gaudeamus, in Bucharest, capital of Romania.

Love potion

2012-11-27 10:08:27

Writer Hong Ying's new book, I Am a Gentle Cook, focuses yet again on love.

Slice of life

2012-11-27 10:08:27

To advocate realism in writing, the China Writers Association is financing, publishing and promoting books of 20 writers from five different literary genres including the novel, drama and poetry.

Adult cartoon

2012-11-27 10:06:24

A bimonthly comic magazine called Modern Party delves into the adult world by covering topics like politics, economics and even sex.

Evacuation during Libya crisis retold

2012-11-27 09:54:34

A year has passed since the unrest took place in Libya, but the chaotic days and nights still remain in the memory of every Chinese who went through the bruising conflict in early 2011.

Soyinka's works

2012-11-27 09:33:40

The hilarious play is centered on a competition between a "civilized" rural teacher Lakunle and an Ibadan chief Baroka, "the Lion", to woo young pretty Sidi, "the Jewel".

A man apart

2012-11-26 17:28:14

From his hair to his words, a visiting African writer inspires with his individuality.