2012-07-02 11:03:03

A family of photographer-publishers was awestruck by the Shanghai Expo 2010, and has worked hard to save the memories.

French bookstores flourish, with help

2012-07-01 08:46:21

The French, as usual, insist on being different. As independent bookstores close in the United States and Britain, the market in France is doing fine. France boasts 2,500 bookstores, and for every neighborhood bookstore that closes, another seems to open. From 2003 to 2011 book sales in France increased by 6.5 percent.

Readers sink teeth into A Bite of China

2012-06-26 13:05:38

The popular TV documentary series A Bite of China has gone into print. A full-color book with the same title was recently released in Beijing.

The voice of a generation

2012-06-26 10:18:16

Xu Zechen discovers his niche as a writer, distancing himself from the shadows of his predecessors and successors.

When Sichuan shook

2012-06-19 07:49:33

Two photo albums about the 2008 earthquake explore the disaster and its aftermath, including the recovery.

Sheng's works

2012-07-03 10:35:32

A list of some of Sheng Keyi's works.

Parenting by the book

2012-06-18 10:45:43

Learning how to be a parent led one new mom to the world of translation, and she tells Meredith Rodriguez that she's learning a lot about herself, too.

Author showcases autograph collection

2012-06-19 13:57:23

Xiong Guangkai, who has served as an army general and strategist for decades, is an ardent collector.

A look at an award-winner

2012-06-19 13:55:26

Award-winning photographer Shahudul Alam's latest creation is a photo album that details the author's travels in Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

40 of the best Chinese artists

2012-06-19 13:50:21

In her latest work, As Seen 2011: Notable Artworks by Chinese Artists, Karen Smith chronicles artworks by 40 Chinese artists to capture the essence of the art scene.

Book pays tribute to space program

2012-06-19 13:48:30

China has taken a significant step in its space exploration with the successful launch of Shenzhou IX on Saturday.

From the frontlines

2012-06-12 09:50:35

A Hong Kong war correspondent's newest book focuses on ordinary people in conflict zones.