Faulty starts from books to films

2012-10-11 19:48:11

Mo Yan's brush with cinematic fire started with a bang.

Ambivalent amphibian

2012-10-11 19:47:43

Reading Mo Yan's latest novel, Wa (Frogs, 2009), is both rewarding and unsettling.

Mo Yan's booklist

2012-10-11 19:47:43

Mo Yan's booklist

The prince and his passion

2012-10-09 09:50:53

The Journey of Young Prince Houpili to the West, is a well-crafted fictional romance between a Chinese prince and a Venetian baroness that ends without even beginning.

Beyond diplomatic language

2012-10-09 09:29:49

He is an ambassador from Seychelles who has written a novel on a young Chinese prince's path to Venice. Find out where Philippe Le Gall got his inspiration.

Filmed memoir strengthens bond between mom, daughter

2012-09-28 10:35:11

For Lisa Xia, who moved to the United States at age 4, her mother's story was one more symbol of the distance between them, an account of a history that felt worlds away. So when a documentary-film maker interviewed the two women in hope of adapting the book for the screen, it was clear that their relationship should play a pivotal role in the story.

Rowling 'obsessed' with death

2012-09-28 09:32:02

The release of The Casual Vacancy is one of the highlights of the publishing calendar this year, with hefty sales expected for J.K. Rowling.

Captain America gets new job title: US president

2012-09-19 14:33:55

Captain America has a new job with perks, a spacious office and a title that others spend millions of dollars to get: Mr. President.

When 'livvylong' is Chinese

2012-09-18 10:31:42

Finnegans Wake, a hugely complicated work by Irish author James Joyce, will get a reception from Chinese readers in September.

Henan has the write stuff

2012-09-18 10:30:34

More than 30 writers from Henan province convened in Beijing in early September for the Beijing International Book Fair.

Mining literary material

2012-09-18 10:27:45

Former miner and 'the king of short stories', Liu Qingbang artfully describes the rural-urban divide in contemporary China.

City of languages, a Babel of books

2012-09-17 11:13:13

In the Babel that is New York City, literary tastes among immigrant cultures turn out to be as different as their cuisines.